Penetration Testing Services

Key benefits of leveraging LetsNurture’s penetration testing service:

  • Reduce security risk
  • Detect hidden weakness
  • Address vulnerabilities
  • Focus on investments

Service Detail:

In this service we determine that how good your organization’s security policies protect your private or the personal data by trying to take over the access to your network and the information data in the similar way as a hacker or an attacker does.

Our Work:

During penetration testing, LetsNurture security consultants will attempt real life hands on demonstrations on your domain to access or the gain over the whole control in order to secure it. Our security consultants will scan whole your domain and will try to figure out the flaws in the website. We will generate a detail report and send it to coding department in order to fix it.

LetsNurture Penetration Testing Services:

  • Scanning of the external IP addresses or the main domain.
  • Testing the internal servers.
  • Identify the vulnerability on the application layer.
  • Providing the detail information on the vulnerability and its risk factors to the organization.
  • Help to figure out security issues before they are attacked or exploited.
  • Vulnerability assessment services
  • Web application testing / website penetration testing
  • Full security audit services
  • PCI compliance services

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