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Nov. 13

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The October at LetsNurture started with Birthday of our HR which was on 1st October. Distribution of different chocolates were made on this day to all our team members and they enjoyed the chocolates after lunch even more as it was like a desert after a heavy lunch.

Dushehra / Diwali

October Month was blessed with 2 Big festivals. Our biggest festivals Navratri and Diwali had fallen  in this month in the beginning and at the end of this month respectively.

Android / iOS / PHP Training getting better

Trainings in iOS, Android and PHP departments have given us a very positive response by which we are starting two new batches for training every month. Our fourth batch for PHP and Android training started on 1st October. In PHP team, two trainees have joined the training program and another two have joined us in Android department as well.

Monthly Meetings

Our Monthly meetup has given us a very good response which has helped our PHP, iOS, Android, SEO and designing team to share their opinions, views and to give suggestions which can work best for all.

Delivery of Web / Mobile / SEO Projects

In websites we have delivered 3 new websites niosshield which are built on magento for selling beauty products, goldenquote website is built on wordpress CMS for insurance quote. Here user can get online insurance and demo veer consultancy website. We have worked on 5 more websites during same time. It is really  good to start some new SEO Campaign, specially the ‘Go

football campaign’. On the other hand, on mobile development side, we finished 3 android applications and an iOS app during October. So, it was all good but a lot more to finish.

Expansion of Team

We had 2 new members added in our family. Our Business development team was extended from five members to seven members as Mr. Parimal and Mr. Gaurav came on-board. By expanding our core team as per the need is helping us to grow and get good business from International clients. We congratulate our teams for their achievements in the previous month and we wish them all the best wishes to achieve even better for the future. In Our Mobile App Division, Mr. Utpal Betai has joined to foster our growth.

Kuldip : Word Made Easy Making everything Easy

In order to make a busy environment a bit lively, we started a ping system where Mr. Kuldip, our Content Writer, is given a task of sharing 3 new words each day with our team and give one more word to all to find the meaning for the same. In order to make this task even better, we also distribute chocolate to the first two members who shares the meaning of the new word with all.

The festival of Dandiya and Garba- Navratri started from 5th October. In order to get a feel of this festival in our office, we celebrated “Traditional Day” on 11th October where the employees came in their best attire.

The Month ended with Diwali where our team made a beautiful rangoli on 31st October in our office premises. Sweets comes along with Diwali festival where families distributes sweets and gifts in the form of blessings. In the same way as we are one whole team and its like a big family. Ketan Raval distributed Mithai Box of khaju katri along with gifts to LetsNurture family.

Hope the beautiful end of this year along with the beginning of New year bless us with lots of new opportunities and success.

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