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Month of July a lovely and refreshing month filled with beautiful rain to accompany. As the rain splash brings smile on faces in the same way the response from the people about the training Program motivated us to enroll more and more candidates for our training program. We had planned to start our Training Program from 1st August 2013.

We have also initiated a Training program for people who are interested in Android, iOS & PHP website development. As Part of our agenda to come up with solution for employable employees.  We visited Universal College of Engineering and Technology near Ahmedabad.

We are also part of Ahmedabad Technology Community:

  • In July, we GDG Ahmedabad team have organized an event called “Android Boot camp”. That event was for beginners of Android. In which we covered all android basic topics like widgets, bounded widgets & its implementation in coding with some surprise sessions.
  • We also arranged another business event called “IT, Entrepreneurship & Social Media” in our GBG Ahmedabad group. This event was mainly organized for Women Entrepreneurs. In which we covered different topics like how they can grow their business by applying new ideas. In Addition, Speakers also explained how they can expand their business by using Google Plus and Other Social Media Apps.

Apart from all these activities we conducted a Monthly Meeting for all departments in order to help each and every member to put forward their opinions, suggestions and problem if faced during the course of work in the entire month. Such meeting has helped us to develop a united team who works smoothly on different projects with zeal. Such activity has helped new joiners to get acquainted with the process by which work is being carried out. It also leads to new ideas which can help a mass. Example our PHP team has developed a site named “” to help out PHP members.

This month we had a Lunch and a Dinner meet with android team and our Sales team. This meet helped to initiate discussions which are difficult to discuss upon during the routine. Such meet is helping Lets Nurture to work and carry out different tasks with unity.

More Recruitment @ LetsNurture

We are happy to have new members in our team from different departments like Business Development Team Members, PHP, Graphic designer, SEO and iOS Developer. We heartily welcome Sunil, Rickin, Jiten, Dashan, Vijay, Sweni, Mit, and Chitra as our new members.

Jignesh, our Android developer had given a treat of spicy Vadapav, Dabeli with Coldrinks. It was a sudden surprise when, at the end of the tiring day you are served with the best stuff in the late evening. The treat given by him is still a mystery but we had lot of fun…

Only work with no fun is a boring life hence Lets Nurture has regularly been organizing yearly outings or office Picnics. Last year in June 2012, LetsNurture’s team of more than 15 people including females, had set sail by road to Udaipur and enjoyed there for 2 days before heading back to resume their corporate duties.

Polo Forest Trip with Team Members

This year, in 2013, different ideas were being discussed in office during lunch hours, to decide on appropriate locations. This time, the weight was more on going to nearby places just for a day or so, which would give an enjoyable experience. Suggestions like Pavagadh, Saputara, Polo forest; Jhanjari, etc. were discussed since many days. At last, Polo forest near Idar-Vijaynagar was decided by the management of Lets Nurture. The trip was scheduled early morning on 7th July 2013.

We soon resumed our journey towards our destination. Kuldip had managed to arrange for a guide at polo forests, so he managed to contact him. The roads started getting narrow, but soon we were greeted with nature wonders of rivers flowing in with natural mountain slopes in their background. And guess what? As soon as we entered the area, everybody’s phone network went zero, as there was no phone tower in the vicinity. We remained almost with zero phone networks for full 6 hours we stayed there.

We started trekking up the hills in one line, after clicking some pictures down. The guide was giving us timely information about the plants and trees in the forests. He gave us information on orchid plant and other trees. Kuldip was in continuous conversation with him to know more, while Manan would regularly take out his camera and start clicking, while the girls stood listening and talking in their groups.

Ankita, Rajal, Pinal and Rupal were at their best cracking jokes, with Rajal joining in with her one liner jokes. Kaushal, Ketan and Amit looked on the happenings, while Navdha joined in occasionally with her DSLR to click pics. Chirag was busy basking in the occasional sun, which came out from the clouds. He looked most excited throughout the whole trip.

The next day, it was pictures sharing among office staff. A memorable trip for sure.

We had in all 5 Birthdays’ in the month of July.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebration in Lets Nurture is celebrated by Chocolates or yummy ice-creams.  Krunal Sojitra’s birthday was on 2nd July, Pankaj’s Birthday was on 17th July, Kuldip’s Birthday was on 26th July. We had blast on 26th July where we celebrated our CEO Mr. Ketan Raval’s birthday which falled on 27th July. As it was 2nd Saturday on 27th July we planned to give a surprise party to him. We all gathered at our main branch to celebrate our CEO’s birthday which was partied with chocolate cake, cold drinks and Mc. Donalds AlooTikki.

LetsNurture always thrives to deliver quality to the client as well as employees. If you are looking for a firm where you are not only bound to work but you enjoy your mundane routine, LetsNurture is definitely a good choice. Join our amazing team.


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