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Feb. 14

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LetsNurture, the word itself portraits growth and development. January, the 1st month of the New Year started with achievements and fun which will be cherished always for LetsNurture family.

eChai App Challenge: LetsNurture, An Outright Winner

We won two prizes on 5th January: Best App and People’s choice at eChai App Challenge. The event was held at IIM Ahmedabad. Winning these awards made us realize that it was sheer hard work put in by our team members from different departments. The team consisted of Pratik and Priyank for Android, Dhaval for designing, Bhavin for PHP and last but not the least, the backbone of the whole event; Mr Utpal Betai. In the month of January, several changes took place and lots of development was implemented.

App Fest LetsNurture: Learning Made Enjoyable

There was an App Fest at LetsNurture on 13th January where the potential of all the members was tested in their areas of expertise and there was cash prize distribution held for the best 3 teams who made the best mobile app. Trophies for several categories including best application in Android/iOS, best team, best presentation, best design etc. was awarded. It was a great learning experience for all the mobile application developers and designers. They learnt the benefits of teamwork, co-ordination etc. The kites were also distributed during this event as the Kite Festival was nearing.

LetsNurture: Strengthening of Teams

Some new members joined us in different departments and made the team grow at its best. Kamlesh, Kirit and Jiten joined iOS department, Neha  joined in the designing department, Megha

joined in the frontend developing team, Kalwyna joined as the content writer and Rahul joined in the Android Team.

New Office in Kalasagar

As the team strength grew, we had new office in Kalasagar which is now all set to have our troops there. We have different teams at the new office which consist of BD team, SEO/Content Writer team.

New Trainees at LetsNurture

Many new trainees joined into iOS training that included Lay, Ankit, Hardik and Pooja. In PHP, we have Sejal, Ketan and Krutik while in Android we have Priyanka and Abhishek.

New days, New ways!

The BD team and the content writing teams work in the office at Kalasagar Mall. Several new trainees also joined in the iOS and Android training. We are expecting ‘LetsNurture’ to grow further with each passing day on account of the events that are being organised in the company. Kudos to the new teams!

If you are looking for the right career opportunities and want to be a part in never ending success story of LetsNurture family, join us now !


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