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It Rained Events And More at LetsNurture This July!


Aug. 14

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And it finally rained! With huge tapping on the windows of LetsNurture‘s office. It was real music to our ears when the rain came knocking as we were expecting a drought like situation this year.This month was full of celebrations as the team celebrated birthdays of several employees including the nurturer himself, Mr Ketan Raval. Here’s a sequential account of what happened.

Movie Time: Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania!

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” After a hard-working month, everyone deserves a break! And no one understands it better than the authorities of the company who booked the theatre for watching the movie ‘Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya on 11th of July. Not only the employees, but their partners were also invited at the screening of the movie.

This romantic comedy starring Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt is a story of a bride-to-be who goes on a wedding shopping trip to Delhi finds something that was least expected. Love! A concoction of all the Karan Johar movies, it rendered what was expected: Entertainment! The employees were more thrilled about watching it together and having fun rather than finding meaning out of the movie. And that they did! So the movie totally served the purpose.


Yes. This month was full of birthdays and the Cancerians and Leos of LetsNurture had the best time. As the ritual of cutting cake was getting monotonous and the employees were losing interest in it, it was decided to treat them differently this time. Krunal, Gaurav , Darshan, Kirit, Parth, Kuldip, and the Nurturer (CEO) Ketan Raval were the birthday boys of this month. They all were gifted with a mug with the company’s logo and design. What’s more is that the mugs were personalized with their names engraved on it. It brought a huge smile on the face of receivers. They all loved it!


Ketan sir’s birthday celebration involved a lot of drama we must say. Right from planning for his surprise bash to implementing it, every moment was quite fun-filled and thrilling. He was gifted a collage full of memorable snaps and was given a treat with his family at a nearby restaurant.

And needless to say, he gave a grand treat on the next day by taking us for the latest flick ‘Kick’. The movie was quite a motivator and the good deeds of the protagonist Salman Khan in the movie reminded me of the charity and kindness that we render to the less fortunate through our social group.You can visit the website to know how we make it possible.

Welcoming and bidding goodbyes

With the advent of new, old should never be forgotten. Lets Nurture doesn’t just bask in the glory of the employees that work with the company but also makes it a point to say “Thanks” to the workers who have contributed a lot for the company. This month we bid a hearty and thankful goodbye to ‘Navdha Yagnik’ who was a PHP developer of our company.

We also welcomed the new employees namely Siddharajsinh and Hitesh in the PHP Website development team, Swayam in the designing team and Narendra in the Android team. Mayur and Jay joined as iOS trainees. LetsNurture is looking forward to have a great experience working with them.

Health Week at LetsNurture

When it comes to IT professionals, it is quite common to see them working for hours together staring at their screens and sitting in an uncomfortable posture. They often suffer from lower back pain, headaches and eye ailments. A healthy workplace is the one that promotes health and well-being of the employees. This creates a positive impact on the company’s productivity.

Our Project Manager Utpal came up with an idea of promoting good health by organizing a Health Week at LetsNurture. This idea was welcomed by all the employees and our ever enthusiastic and always concerned Admin and Content Writer Kuldip decided to conduct ‘Office Yoga’ sessions. As a part of it, he gave tips and showed some workouts that can be indulged into while sitting on our chairs. He also showed some exercises wherein the stress felt by the eyes can be relieved. The employees of LetsNurture were often seen implementing these exercises and it is hoped that they continue to do so. Happy working!

GDG Campus Road Show: Nurturing On The Go!

As the authorities of LetsNurture are a part of the Google Developers Group in Ahmedabad, they were invited to give their precious inputs to the university students and the upcoming professionals. The CEO; Ketan Raval, Project Manager; Utpal Betai and Android Tech Lead; Pratik Patel were asked to present different topics to the students.

Topics like ‘Understanding Latest Technologies’, ‘Material Design & App Monetization’ as well as ‘Beacons and Chromecast’ were covered by them respectively. The students loved these interactive presentations and gained several perspectives on the technologies that are underrated and need to be used rightly. The speakers of LetsNurture played a huge role in making the GDG Campus Road Show successful.

Campus Drives: In Search of Top-Drawer Talents

Conducting campus interviews plays a very important role as it gives fresh batch of talents to any company. The new generation is quite acquainted with the latest technologies and is updated with the nuances of current market. Keeping this in mind, the CEO, Human Resource Manager and the Project Manager of LetsNurture set out to conduct campus interviews in Rajkot’s Gardi Vidhyapith on 19th July. One more such campus interview was conducted at Kadi college.

After the extensive round of interviews, some students were selected for the HR round at LetsNurture. Here’s wishing them All the best!

Crafting interesting websites and apps

Our developers not only craft new applications and websites but also experience a professional growth while they accomplish these tasks. This month, they worked on the following websites and apps:

Global Shapers Ahmedabad: This website is being developed for the Global Shapers Ahmedabad group. The group is being led by extraordinary bunch of youngsters who are trying to make a difference in the society through their contributions.

The Gift Registry: This website helps the user to make an online wish list for gifts and share with his/her friends and relatives.

Some of the android and iOS apps developed this month were: Mirror Mirror, AssignIt, Bike Shield Phase-2, Product Configurator, Smart Puppy…Phew! And the list go on.

Join Our Team

There is certainly a flavor to life at work when you feel yourself being a part of the family. LetsNurture always thrives to deliver quality to the client as well as employees. If you are looking for a firm where you are not only bound to work but you enjoy your mundane routine, LetsNurture is definitely a good choice. Join our amazing team.


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