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Aug. 17

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There are many questions that come to an individual’s mind while appearing for a driving license test. We tend to think that we are aware of all the traffic signs, but there are numerous signs that we wouldn’t know about. There are numerous traffic rules that we adhere to. It is necessary to understand these traffic jargons and signals before appearing for your driving license test. What if you have a mobile app that guides you aptly?

We have updated the mobile app ‘Driving License Practice Test’ for people who want to identify the signals and are appearing for the driving tests in their language. It has been downloaded by over a million users. With this overwhelming download ratio, we decided to come up with a multilingual version of the app to cater the requirements of a wider audience.

Multilingual app for multilingual audience

This unique mobile app by LetsNurture has crossed over a million downloads, which evoked a dire need to cater multilingual audience. This led the mobile application development team to integrate multilingual feature in the mobile app. The app is available in five languages: English, Urdu, Tamil, Marathi, and Gujarati. This mobile app is free to download from the Google play store and Apple’s App store.

Traffic Penalty List of Major Indian Cities.

We compiled a list of traffic penalties applicable in major indian cities. This will help new driver to drive safe at unknown place.

Features of Driving License Practice test mobile app

Image recognition:

The mobile app comprises of a comprehensive list of images of the roadside signs and their identity as provided by RTO (Regional Transport Office) department.

Road Signage:

The mobile app displays the information about traffic rules and road signs with their meaning.

Mock Tests:

We have designed a test similar to the RTO test. It consists random questions and road signs related questions.


You can change the preferred language anytime. The mobile app will display information in language of your choice.

Practice more and more using this App and exponentially increase your success chances in exam with:

  • Significance and description of traffic rules
  • Mock tests for personal assessment and practice
  • Question-Answers and image recognition

With the features like depiction of different traffic signs, a playback voice to guide you through and mock tests that take after to the real RTO tests and tests. As indicated by resources, the application has been enhanced further to give a decent utility experience to the clients. By downloading the mobile app, you will have the capacity to distinguish the troublesome flags and give the test without much trouble.

If you are about to appear for the test and are willing to practise the mock tests, it might be a good solution for your needs. Download the Driving license practice test app and pass with flying colours in your RTO test! You can download the ‘Driving License Practice Test’ from the Google Play Store.


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