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Aug. 17

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LetsNurture, apart from being one of the leading IT service providers, contributes towards charity. Along with nurturing the world with technologies, LetsNurture started various donation campaigns to ease the woes of people.

Donations and Charity Campaigns

We receive ample of clothes, books and other necessary items from heartful people every month. This noble gesture of our donors not only helps us in donating more but also helps us to see the brighter aspect of donation campaigns.

Our benevolent donors visit our office for the giveaway. We receive numerous clothes, books, shoes and other items like lunch boxes and water bottles. We thrive to conduct continuous clothes donation events in areas that need our support. But it’s not always possible to reach to the deprived population all the time.

Donation Activities

LetsNurture indulges in social responsibilities. The team of LetsNurture visit place to place to donate clothes and books and various other items like toys and blankets. We also campaign charity events like food donation at deaf and mute schools or at an orphanage. With our generous donors, we are glad to be conducting such events every month.

Blood Donation Activities

We conduct blood donation activities on a regular basis. We had recently celebrated ‘world blood donation day’ with a blood donation campaign at our office building.

To take this initiative further, we have launched an android app named BloodMonk for the people of Ahmedabad to find blood donors with the relevant blood type efficiently. You will get a list of blood donors based in Ahmedabad. All the donors are verified and very enthusiastic to help society. Our aim to develop such an app was to build a large and verified database of blood donors.

Charity Shop

We also initiated an eCommerce website to support our donation campaigns. There are three products listed on our online store – a coffee mug, a diary, and a pen. If you buy any of these products, a part of the amount goes to the charity.

This charity shop is aimed for the donors who want to support us but can’t because they are located in a different geography. Our online store helps the such donors to contribute towards this noble cause.

Visit our Online Store here.

And to cater a wider audience, we came up with an online request called ‘request for collection’.

Request for Collection – an initiative to reach to the now has a request form for people who are in need of clothes, or books, or shoes. We will be updating the list of donated items every month for people to view the collection that we have. There is a form that an individual or an organization can fill in and submit. The form will provide us with your contact details and the things that you need. We then would approach you to share your requirements. This initiative is aimed to serve areas where the people are unaware of such charities and are deprived of the basic necessities.

We would request people or organizations that conduct charity and are in need of clothes or books to donate to reach us. We would be more than happy to be a help.

You can Request a collection… on this page


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