Let’s Nurture signs contract to provide IoT healthcare solution in the form of Connected Health Kit to one of the startups in Singapore

23 Jul. 18

June 25, 2018- Being the leading IoT solutions company in India, having won the best IoT startup award in 2018, Let’s Nurture added yet another feather in the cap by signing a contract with one of the Singapore startups to provide Connected Health Kit- an IoT based Healthcare Solution.

Let’s Nurture has not only expanded the operational presence globally, by opening up offices in Australia and Canada, it has also developed numerous POCs and proven solutions for various industries leveraging IoT technology.

IoT App Solution by Let’s Nurture bringing Healthcare to Homes

Being a top mobile application development company in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore- Let’s Nurture would be nurturing one more goal of our client in Singapore. This IoT based healthcare solution is all about bringing the healthcare to homes. Using the devices and of course the IoT Healthcare mobile app solutions, users will be able to monitor blood pressure and blood glucose while saving the data to the app instantly. This IoT solution by Let’s Nurture helps users to keep track of the health records of themselves and family.

Some interesting features which will be implemented by expert developers at Let’s Nurture to this IoT App solution are as follows:

  • Portable Mobile Kit
  • Health Tracking
  • Valuable insights on health
  • Send the message to friends and family
  • Find and connect to doctors with health record sharing
  • Reminders and SoS

This amazing IoT app solutions will be available in native Android and native iOS platform expertly developed by Android mobile app and iPhone app development teams at Let’s Nurture. A lot of brainstorming took place as initially the mobile development teams faced a challenge in implementing Bluetooth protocol in iOS and Android applications. But in no time, the client put complete trust in IoT expertise due to abundance in IoT experience and Portfolio of Let’s Nurture.

Our esteemed client has also gave a testimonial saying: “Any IoT company looking for app development should definitely contact them. What’s most impressive is their IoT and Bluetooth experience with speed.”

Let’s Nurture has overall expertise in following IoT services:

  • Industrial IoT development
  • IoT Applications development
  • Wearable App and integration
  • IoT based Prototype development
  • Product Engineering
  • IoT cloud integration with Watson
  • IoT cloud integration with Amazon
  • IoT cloud integration with Azure
  • IoT cloud integration with BOSCH
  • IoT cloud integration with CISCO Connect

Mr. Ketan Raval, CEO Let’s Nurture, has sent a message from Canada office saying, “This yet another contract is dedicated to our fellow IoT App Developers and expert Consultation Team. It has been an amazing journey for 10+ years and nothing more feels special when you have a nurturing family that build solutions to transform lives of the millions.”

If you want to know more about the same IoT healthcare app solutions or range of IoT based POCs and solutions that can be applicable to various business domains, get in touch with IOT experts by calling on +1-631-954-6922. You can also drop your inquiry to or visit to see an array of IT services and mobility solutions.


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