Let’s Nurture Organizes “IoT World in Android Universe” Meetup to build IoT Community

Let’s Nurture Organizes “IoT World in Android Universe” Meetup to build IoT Community

13 Feb. 19
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10th February, 2019- Let’s Nurture, Ahmedabad– Let’s Nurture, a leading IoT app solutions development company held an amazing event at our Offshore Development Center in Ahmedabad just in order to build IoT community within the region. The aim was to build IoT Community of IoT Engineers by sharing knowledge on how to integrate IoT solutions with Android SDKs to provide automation solutions for multiple industries.

A Message from the Delivery Head

“We believe in pioneering strong communities across globe” said Jay Shah, Delivery Head of Let’s Nurture. “IoT is one of the areas where we are proud of our team’s capacity to implement our knowledge and multiply it by sharing with greater community. Be it Smart Farming, Smart Healthcare, Smart Mirror or Smart Home Automation, Let’s Nurture as a team has always contributed by consulting and turning their ideas to milestones”

The meetup started with a bright sunny morning, welcoming Snr. IoT professionals and Snr. Android developers. Our Delivery Head along with Snr. Android developer team, Project Management team and Business Analyst Team further pioneered the event by introducing the IoT solutions Let’s Nurture provides or has already fostered to the clients. The Android Developer team showcased and performed live demo of several products.

IoT based Solutions our Android Team Showcased:

Medcheck-IoT based health care solution:

Let’s Nurture strongly believes the success of a company relies on the health of its employees. Hence our inhouse team of experts have developed an IoT based mobile app that compiles the data (i.e., blood pressure and glucose history) into reports, which customers can print and bring to doctor’s appointments.

Revita5- Smart Healthcare solution:

A health and fitness tracker that leverages the power of Heart Rate Variability to reduce stress, transform your body & REVITAlize your life. The app displays and stores wellness data, schedules diet plan, workout plan and meditation plan, calculates the Current heartbeat rate and calories burned and shows Revitalization chart as well.

Y5Home- A Revolutionary Automation Solution:

An application that provides smart home and office automation solutions. The app allows you to have control on electric switches even when you are far away from home. The app helps to manage gadgets from outside, add more safety & security to life and allow access and control appliances and gadgets from literally anywhere.

Luggage Tracker:

The app helps to track your luggage during journey. The app includes exclusive features like,

Beacon Configuration, Luggage Scanning and Distance Based notifications.

Moving forward, our Senior Android Developer rendered the presentation by providing pros and facts about Medcheck. He also added the technologies used on making the app. The whole event got excited when the audience came up with their own ideas and the whole group brainstormed how to implement them. Overall the whole environment filled up with so many creative ideas brought down the event to a great success.

We are a top Android app development company having delivered numerous Android projects based on GPS Tracking Solutions, IoT application development, Wearable App Development for various industries like healthcare and fitness using IoT and BLE technologies.

Core IT services offered by Let’s Nurture:

  • IoT App Development
  • Chatbot Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • AR-VR App Development
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing

If you want to know more about the meetup on “IoT World in Android Universe”, get in touch with IOT experts by calling on +1-631-954-6922.


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