Let’s Nurture developed POC on IoT solution called Smart Jewellery for Singapore based Startup


Aug. 18

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August 1, 2018, Ahmedabad– Being the leading IoT solutions company in India, US and Singapore while having won the best IoT startup award in January 2018, Let’s Nurture added yet another feather in its cap by signing a contract a Singapore startup to provide IoT based Solutions using Smart Wearable Jewellery. Believe it or not, it is true.

We at Let’s Nurture have been developing multiple Proof of Concepts based on IoT technology solutions which are going to be proven solutions in the real world.

Let’s Nurture is a top wearable app development company in India having delivered numerous projects based on IoT application development, wearable app development for various industries like healthcare and fitness using IoT and BLE technologies. With experience of 10+ years in custom mobile application development, Let’s Nurture has got everything that one would be seeking under the same roof.

For IoT based wearable app solutions for healthcare and fitness, you can check the portfolio here.

IoT based Smart Jewellery- things to know

“POC development of Smart Jewellery is just the thing where fashion meets technology while giving a whole new dimension to women all over the world.”- says Ketan Raval, CEO Let’s Nurture.

With this POC development, women safety has been put to the core of everything. The jewellery, basically a wearable hardware in the form of a necklace, ring or a bracelet, will be having bluetooth 5.0 enability which will allow it to connect to IoT application in your mobile. Following are the functionalities while tapping:

  • Phone will emit a loud alarm to scare away attackers by a couple of taps
  • With 3 taps, the mobile app will send your location and message to the people whom you may have saved as guardians (friends and family)
  • Feeling a critical situation, user can perform 4 taps in order to make an automated call to the guardian.
  • Add emergency contacts
  • Water resistant IP65
  • trigger alerts and set up timing reminders
  • auto-detects and tracks your activity including walking, running, cycling, and swimming
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • heart rate sensor (in ring)
  • Smart wearable jewellery can record the breathing patterns to monitor stress levels
  • Thermoelectric bracelet that cools down or warms up the area of the wrist

Isn’t it really cool thing? Our developers and technical experts  believe this innovation will enable women while tapping their way to safety.

For this esteemed client from Singapore, Our has already delivered a project on IoT healthcare mobile app development using wearable devices to measure blood pressure and blood glucose. Upon receiving the rave reviews, the client sent his testimonial by saying, “Any IoT company looking for app development should definitely contact them. What’s most impressive is their IoT and Bluetooth experience with speed.”

If you want to know more about IoT app development with or without wearable devices or range of IoT based POCs and solutions that can be applicable to various business domains, get in touch with IoT experts by calling on +1-902-620-9098. You can also drop your inquiry to


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