Formulating Business Relations in Hyderabad with IoT


May. 16

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Being the part of ever-expanding IT sector, LetsNurture has been broadening its area of interest. After receiving a great response at IoTX Dubai, it was time to hit the Tech City of India to further strengthen the ties with newer technology and building partnerships with others in the field of IoT.

IoT Enterprise Solution Expert

Our first interaction in the Nawab City was with Mr. Srikanth Natarajan, who is an IT Consultant having wide array of expertise on Connected Technologies, Internet of Things and Enterprise Applications. We had an extensive discussion with him on our IoT segment and connected technologies, particularly about our new startup KarConnect, which is IoT based solution for Connected Cars. He has principally agreed to  join the KarConnect project as an Independent Consultant. Also, LetsNurture will be technology partner in many of Srikanth’s upcoming IoT projects.

Discussion with Directors of TEPL

The next destination had to be Think Embedded Pvt Ltd (TEPL), which is an Automotive Electronics Development and Manufacturing Company. TEPL is a Hardware Support Partner for Mahindra First Choice. We discussed at great length about our new startup KarConnect and its future implications on cars based on IoT technology. The TEPL directors, Mr. Ala Srikanth (Director – Technical) and Mr. Sampath Kumar Konda (Director – Operations) have consented to be Hardware Solution provider for KarConnect. It was truly a great effort in bringing together two technological domains who would be working on the same project.

Making Cars Environment-Friendly

A something different from our usual business, we got in touch with Mr. Anudeep Raj who has been working with Audi India as Automotive Designer Consultant. Our conversation led to the environment-friendly solutions in the field of cars . He told us that they are working on technology that can control the CO2 emission from cars and probably convert it into Oxygen. This will not only reduce the pollution level in the air but will also make the air more breathable just like the trees.

Mobile Technology for Automobile

Our final leg of the meeting was with Senior Engineer of Qualcomm, Mr. Yamit Mehta. His more than 10 years of experience in the field making products for mobile, wearable, automotive and IoT-based technology came very handily during the discourse of Android products in LetsNurture. He showed his keen interest to be involved in such technological projects having to do with Android OS framework that utilises his knowledge and skills for the greater purpose.

Overall, we had not expected this trip to be so fruitful for business and networking. We had a great response from everyone we met. The results of this trip will be seen in future as the tremendous growth of LetsNurture, paving the way for great products and efficacious services.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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