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May. 16

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LetsNurture’s Mantra expands its mobile offerings with an updated Google Android™ App and iPhone® App. The new Mantra app has a neat UI and is developed to provide a great user experience. It helps you with the divine Mantras you can’t remember or for those who do not like to recite Mantras alone or lose count in japs. Use this app for your assisted recitation needs.

Building on the success of the Mantra iPhone® App and Mantra Android™ App we have updated these apps for better and more efficient used based on the user feedback of its previous versions.

Mantra is a perfect app for those who want to relax and feel the presence of divine around them. It is perfect way in this tech world to start your day. The divine mantras help you body’s energize state and clear all the negative energy around you.

With the release, Android customers will enjoy the same tools as iPhone users, including:

  • Details of Mantras
  • Audio of Mantras
  • Highly improved UI UX
  • Introduced Mantra Widget for Android
  • 3D touch implementation for iOS


The updated app has a very tranquilizing feel, which begins with the logo itself. You’ll see an updated icon and app design for Mantra. We’ve made improvements to how the Mantra app looks on the inside as well.

It has reminder feature that helps you listen to your favorite mantra at a specified time of your choice, with you can begin you day with the feeling of divine energies of mantras around you.

Mantra Mobile Overview

Mantra for Android free from Android Play Store.

Mantra for iPhone free from Apple App Store.



Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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