Lets Nurture’s ‘Vaccination Reminder App’ Makes Headlines in a Leading Newspaper!


Mar. 15

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Safety of one’s child is of utmost importance to all the parents. In today’s fast paced world when parents hardly find time to monitor their children, some applications prove like a real blessing. Forgot the vaccination date of your child? No problem. The application will remind you. Scared that your child will run away or get kidnapped? The app will come to your rescue.


An application named ‘Vaccination Reminder’, a venture by an IT firm Lets Nurture based in Ahmedabad, has grabbed the attention of DNA readers. DNA interviewed the CEO of the firm, Ketan Raval, who is the man behind the development of this app. The app enables the parents to monitor their kids even from a distance with the help of a Mickey Mouse shaped device paired with their smartphones. It notifies them about their child’s whereabouts when they go out of the vicinity. Not only that, it also reminds the parents about the vaccination date of their children so that they can manage them vaccinated at the right time.

“We are glad that Lets Nurture’s Vaccination App got such a huge coverage in DNA, which is one of the leading daily newspapers of today. Lets Nurture hopes to launch this application and device in other countries too and will be tested in France and Europe.” said Ketan Raval, the CEO of the firm. The idea behind this app took birth in his mind when his daughter Samruddhi was born and the parental anxieties followed.

Once the application gets launched, parents will be able to make the most out of it.

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