Lets Nurture Launches Blood Monk Version 2 to Enhance the Life-Saving App!


Feb. 15

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There are good times and the bad ones in the lives of everyone. But hell breaks loose when the life of a loved one is in danger. Especially, when one needs blood and he/she cannot find it. People do donate blood, but not in huge numbers. And even if they do, a real problem occurs when one can’t find a blood donor with the matching blood group in the vicinity. Thanks to the technology, we have paved our way through all such problems.

Lets Nurture, an IT firm based in Ahmedabad, has for long been in news in the medical field and masses for rendering the iOS and Android app ‘Blood Monk‘. It has a strong database of donors in the city so that the one in need of blood can get in touch with the concerned person during the medical emergencies. The firm has recently launched the second version of ‘Blood Monk’ to provide seamless utility to the users.

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We had a conversation with the CEO of Lets Nurture, Ketan Raval, during the launch and he said that “The application ‘Blood Monk’ has undergone drastic changes design and features-wise. Now the blood donors who download and register with the app will be able to get instant push notifications when someone needs blood and he/she will not have to search for a donor in the app.” He further added that “Blood Monk version 2 will make it quite effortless to find matching blood groups in the nearest area through maps.”

Blood Donation is a heroic task and that is why Lets Nurture addresses the blood donors as ‘Monks‘. A documentary has also been shot to bring forth the idea of ‘Blood Monk‘ application and its usefulness and has been supported by Indian Red Cross Society and World Health Organization.


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