An Introductory Session on Docker


Jun. 16

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Docker is an open-source project that aims to automate the deployment of applications inside software containers. Basically, it is a package that has everything one need to run a software like code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, etc.

Session 1: It Begins with Docker

All you need is available easily inside the package, this helps the user save time in finding and downloading the particular software. Another problem most of the user’s face is they don’t know which version is suitable, so docker is a great way to ensure whatever needed is there at fingertips.

Recently we had a Docker Event at our LetsNurture’s office which was organised in collaboration with Dharmit Shah. The basis of the event was to introduce the developers community about docker project with Kubernetes and ADB.

Dharmit Shah, Software Engineer at Red Hat began the session by giving a brief introduction about Docker with a quick demo on it. This quick session had a lasting impact on the attendees as they were bowled over by the way Docker can make things easy for all.

Presentation on Kubernetes

Later it was a session on Kubernetes, where he explained its key concepts like Pods, Labels, Deployments, Replication Controllers and Persistent Volumes. With all the concepts above there was a demo so as to enable the attendees to understand the topic in much detail and with practical knowledge.

All About ADB

The next session was taken up by Nilesh Vaghela, Director, Electromech Corporation. He started with a brief intro about ADB (Atomic Developer Bundle) and later explained the purpose of using ADB. He also described when to use and how to use the ADB to gain the maximum of it. The session was followed by a practical demo of using this open source tool.

The final session was QnA where attendees asked not just the tools discussed but also about other Linux and window-based tools that make a larger impact on the whole process of software development. All the attendees thanked the hosts for this wonderful interaction and the intuitive knowledge gained.

The ended with a note to come up with more interactive and informative sessions on different emerging and functional technologies and tools that allow developers to do more out of it.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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