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Jun. 16

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We got a great support from the Medical Students and allied community members from the medical field with respect to our Anatomy Dictionary Android™App. Many had asked us to get this app for other Mobile Operating Systems. We are delighted to inform you that we have successfully tested and published the Anatomy Manual App for iPhone®. Your feedbacks on the previous versions have inspired us to come out with much better designed and highly functional app that could help you learn the human body parts with easy definitions in simple language.

The Anatomy App by LetsNurture is now available on both iOS and Android which is developed for the benefit of medical students and professionals. There are 8 categories listed with human body parts. Each body parts have been further sorted in detail into their inner parts with the medical definition given. Readers and more specifically the medical fraternity will find this application useful as they can get a technical definition of the body parts in short which is easy to remember. E.g- Scapula, Strap, Coccyx, Cervical Vertebrae, etc.

With the release, we have tried to keep the mobile app as simple as possible yet working faster to help users learn more about Anatomy of Humans. The new update includes:

  • Last 10 Quiz Score
  • Daily push notification alert for 1 word
  • Highly improved UI UX
  • More than 140 questions to Quiz
  • 8 topics based on body parts for easy identification
  • More 780 anatomies at your ease
  • Highly improved UI UX
  • 3D touch implementation for iOS

Furthermore, to test the knowledge of the users, this Anatomy Dictionary App has a quiz section where readers can attempt the quiz questions and get instant answers. There are 7 quiz sections with an addition of questions in increasing order and one section with all the questions included. The right answers have been given the green color whereas, the wrong answers in the quiz have been given the red color for easy differentiation. Users will then get the final result at the end of the quiz.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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