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Jun. 14

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Globally the digital merchandisers are focusing the revenues in increasing their presence in the handheld devices as compared to television adverts. And the majority of the users in the developed countries remain loyal to Apple & its products. That keeps iOS Application development top priority for the Apprenuers.

Prior to the launch of iOS8, the developer’s community seems enchanted (again) with the keynotes by Craig Federighi at WWDC 2014. Rightly so, as Apple finally in agreement with Third-Party Widgets & Extensions is a welcome move by iOS developers. However, it also speculates higher requirements for iOS Widget Development & iOS Extension Development Projects in coming months.

Outsource To India- An Astute Strategic Decision

Why not consider the strategy to Outsource to India to meet increasing requirements? India has been one of the major suppliers in the IT & Technologies since past two decades. Hence the talent & ability has been a proven asset while you hire iOS developers from India. What are the other factors which contribute to choosing the strategy of Outsourcing to India?

Cost & Currency Value

Dollar against Rupee! In comparison to the other competitors in IT outsourcing, the value of India Rupee offers a greater advantage to the Mobile App Development Companies like yours based in the USA, EU, Canada & Australia. And at the same time, you are not compromising on quality.

Pool of Talent for iOS App Development

The biggest advantage to the Indian iOS App development companies is the abundance of the skilled iOS developers they have. By choosing to partner with them, is having direct access to this talent pool. That delivers against a major challenge, to the technological advancements & leverages of iOS11.

An effective resource management model

Indian iOS app development companies offer customized partnership models. Therefore, it is very likely that you would be able to pick the service model that suits your requirement. The offerings range from hourly based payments to fixed price models to hire iOS developers. And you also have a higher level of customization as per the services you want.

For example, you may only need support for the backend/frontend for the Project you have and only limited hours commitment is what you are looking for. Or, you may also choose a fixed price model to extend your development team and get the Project completed in the timeline you choose.

Difference of Time-Zone

If you believe the time-zone difference is going to be a constraint, then your experience is going to be a lot different. You can have a team of Business Managers and hire iOS developer from India. Allocate the work to your resource in India. And expect the delivery in stipulated time.

Security & Non-Disclosure Agreements

If there is a concern over the information you share, the business models while working with the App Development Companies will provide you assurance through Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Why to Hire iOS Developers from LetsNurture?

We at LetsNurture have been working in the Web & Mobile Application development Projects since 6+ years. We have our clientele in various countries such as USA, UK & many others from the EU, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, UAE, and Israel. In the span of past 6 years, we have successfully managed a number of challenging iOS App development Projects.

Get in touch with us if you have any requirement to hire iOS developers or if you are seeking more information on the same. We will get in touch with you with a complete sketch of your Project & the solution you require.


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