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26 Sep. 13
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To increase productivity & quality of the delivery… It is always good to have right standard… here we are slowly making progress on this… We have released naming convention guideline for the further development process.. and everyone will follow these 15 naming convention guideline.

  1. Use a hyphen/dash between words, rather than a space or underscore. For example if you are sending second version of the file it must have “_V2_DATE” in your file name  ex ,
  2. If you are copying template from repository.. Always first rename your project name or folder to avoid confusion between template and new project.
  3. Spelling mistake should not be on file name or folder name.
  4. Always give a Proper title to a page the moment you create it, Do not postpone it.
  5. Use lowercase exclusively when naming files like about-us.html,  contact-us.html
  6. Do not use .rar .. always use .zip
  7. Css class name must be proper & without spelling mistake
  8. Proper image name must happen default.. it should not be “header.jpg”  , “logo.jpg” , sidebar.jpg”, “slider1.jpg” it must be “letsnurture-logo.jpg” , “ about-us.jpg”, “ website-design-slider1.jpg”
  9. Always have common prefix PR-, Article-, Blog-,
  10. Customer Report must have standard format . Report name must have date & title for the purpose of report. Ex. “seo-audit-letsnurutre-com-24Sep.xlsx”
  11. Be consistent with your file names
  12. Make file names short, but clear and meaningful
  13. Avoid repetition in file names ( use version, dates)
  14. Avoid special characters in file names
  15. Folders should have proper name just like files and it must be in Camel Case..


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