How much would it cost to build a Video streaming app like NetFlix?

The global lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, has seen an exponential rise in the demand for Media streaming platforms Like Netflix, Amazon prime and every other major/Minor brand. The interesting thing is that the growth is both in terms of usage as well as new sign ups. All brands irrespective of geography and content, are experiencing similar surge in both these KPI parameters. This can be attributed to the prolonged isolation mandated by governments across the world. The time seems ripe, for exploring a digital streaming platform like Netflix.

“Netflix, the most popular Video Streaming App, is responsible for 8% of all time spent on watching videos worldwide.”- reports, Techjury.

Who doesn’t know Netflix?- Netflix’s is a giant in domain of video streaming application platform. Its collection of movies, which includes everything from indie-made disasters to Oscar-winning masterpieces.

The latter half of the 20th century and the initial years of 21st century have seen some massive inventions and advancements in video streaming domain that changed our world forever. There was a time when broadcast TV was the most watched video platform worldwide. Advancement in technology has shifted the audience online. According to Statista, 32% of TV households worldwide would have a video on demand subscribers by 2022. With this penetration rate, Video on demand (VOD) & live video streaming apps are looking to be on their way to completely replace the TV broadcast networks within our lifetime.


Basic Features & Cost to Develop a VOD App like NetFlix

System Users Customers App Super admin
Basic Features Register/ Sign Up Login
Mobile Number Verification Manage Customers
Manage Profile Manage Shows
Recently Added Shows/Movies/Series Manage Movies
My List Manage Episodes
Films List Manage Program Categories (Hollywood/Bollywood/Horror/Suspense etc)
Similar program Manage Trailers
Trending Now Manage Genre
Series List Advanced Analytics and Reports
Notifications Manage subscriptions
Search(by title, people Genre) Manage CMS
Filter shows (/Suggested shows Years/A-Z/Z-A) Manage Notifications
My Account Manage Payments
Manage payment and billing details Manage Languages
Manage Language Manage Gift Card/Promo codes
Redeem gift card/ promo code Manage settings
Update/Upgrade subscription plans Manage Filters
Subtitle appearance settings Manage Featured programs
Like/Dislike shows Manage Downloadable shows
Cost for developing similar app like netflix USD $18K - 25K (For iOS + Android + Web Admin + Web Services)

Add-On Features

Review and Ratings Manage Review and Ratings
Add On Features ChatBot Integration Manage Most searched shows
Banner ad display Ad Management
Offline shows(Downloadable) Traffic Analytics
Comment on shows

Resource Team to build NetFlix Clone Application

We are a team of seasoned web developers, app developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, and product managers. Collectively amongst us, we have an experience of 10 years in custom mobile & web applications development.

The resource team to develop online Video/ Media streaming app like NetFlix will comprise of:

  • 1 UX Designer
  • 1-2 Android App Developers
  • 1-2 iOS App Developers
  • 1 Backend developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Project Manager

Technology Stack We use to develop

Nginx server
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon RDS
Amazon S3
Bird routing software
Restful API
Atlas DB

Why Choose Let’s Nurture to develop Media Streaming App like NetFlix?

Let’s Nurture is a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified custom mobile app development company delivering robust, dynamic and best-in-class applications. Video on demand (VOD) or video streaming app platform is a very specific and investment intensive niche, and 2019 is the right time to start a video on demand service of your own. It is time to get your on video streaming app like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Twitch, Crunchyroll, etc. It’s never too late!

Let's explore how this pandemic can be turned into a potential opportunity.. please get in touch with the expertise of Let’s Nurture for a free consultation.

Our Value Propositions:

  • Free & Expert Technical Consultation

  • Strategic Implementation & Development

  • Customer Centric Approach

  • Timely & Regular Reporting

  • Effective Client Communication

  • Complete Transparency on Milestones Deliverables

  • Maintenance & Technical Support with fast turnaround time


If you have the passion and a brilliant idea to create a video streaming app like Netflix, let’s build something fresh and awesome!

Shake Hands with VOD Experts


We recommend Wowza and RTMP servers to host video streaming applications. We offer end-to-end services for server setup,application integration, upgradation and maintenance.
Because it is a digital product consumed through the app, subscription payment has to be setup as in-app purchase.
Our team will provide 90 days free bug support for 3 months after app deployment. Bug-fixing, issue resolution and system upkeep will be covered under this free support period. After completion of free 90 days support, client can sign separate contract for ongoing maintenance and support.
We will use DRM (Digital Rights Management) technologies to prevent download and illegal sharing. Below are a couple of aspects of DRM:

Encrypted Streaming - Data transfer from server to player is completely encrypted. There is no access to direct raw video file anywhere. Even the complex decryption mechanism makes it almost impossible for hackers to break into it.

Backend Authentication - While encryption prevents illegal download, the URLs behind the video should also be protected, so that one can not share them and play at some other sources. Dynamic URLs generated for stipulated time of playback and whitelisting (restricting to one domain) prevents this.

Watermarking - Specific watermarks like id, ip address, email id are only the ways to be shown on the screen to demotivate downloaders to copy the content and share.

Encrypted Streaming - Data transfer from server to player is completely encrypted. There is no access to direct raw video file anywhere. Even the complex decryption mechanism makes it almost impossible for hackers to break into it.

IP/Geo Restriction- Video streaming applications have partnerships running for specific geographies to show content. Geo Restriction for video urls helps in this functioning.

Yes, we do provide flexible hiring models consisting highly skilled and certified resources which are well versed in project development for diverse industries. Providing flexible and business driven Staff Augmentation and IT Nearshore Outsourcing Services for several years now, we exactly understand various expectations of our clients and hence provide flexible engagement models to hire Android app developers and iOS app developers at the best prices to ensure complete customer satisfaction and unmatched quality.
Yes, we have 80+ in-house resources working in android app development, iPhone app development, web development, blockchain development, chatbot development and Alexa skill development with other range of services.

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