Event- Workshop on IoT @ Ganpat University

Workshop on Internet of Things at Ganpat University, Ahmedabad


Mar. 16

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A workshop on the topic of “The Internet of Things – Hands on Development” was held at Center of Advanced Research Studies, Ganpat University, Ahmedabad during 11th & 12th March 2016.

As one of the missions of LetsNurture is to impart knowledge and nurture the young minds in order to innovate and create new ideas, we were invited to give talk on Internet of Things  and bring the students closer to the future of connected world.

Sneak into the Future

The opening session of workshop was conducted by Mr Utpal Betai, Project Manager (Mobile) at LetsNurture, giving the students great details about how the small and daily used things in our lives will be connected to the internet. Beginning the session with a presentation on IoT and Future of Connected world, it was explained how the use of internet with different devices across varied sectors of the industry can change the way we use things today. It gave an insight to the budding engineers how IoT is transforming the communication and data sharing among the devices and also gave a to hint about what is expected from them in near future.

Developers get platform for Sensor based apps

Taking the session forward, Mr Paresh Mayani, Team Lead (Android) at LetsNurture rendered a talk on Sensor Puck, which is a development platform for optical, humidity and temperature sensors. Students were awestruck with these latest advancement of technology in field of sensors. It was described how these development and demo tools can be beneficial to overall evolution of IoT and making it easier for developers to adopt great means in serving technology.

A preview of our start-up venture KarConnect (IoT based solution for automotive industry) was also shown to the audience, briefing them how this product helps in:

  • Safe driving behavioural assistance.
  • Easy internal fault troubleshooting.
  • Managing car health and performance.


Other Key Speakers were:

  • Madhukant Patel, CTO & MD, Reve Automation.
  • Punit Rajai, Sr. Android Developer, Mind Inventory.


Feel free to contact us to conduct a session or a workshop on different technologies like web, mobile, software, IoT etc.


Ketan Raval
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