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24 Jan. 13
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Rich Snippet & Schema Examples – Products

[schema type=”product” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.letsnurture.f1mania” name=”F1 Mania by Lets Nurture” description=”Do you drool every time you see an F1 race on TV? Do you spend every second of your time online tracking F1 stats? F1 Mania has the cure for you F1 itch. This app is for those who want to live and breathe F1 every second of the day. F1 Mania has a host of the coolest information for all you F1 addicts out there.” brand=”Mobile App” manfu=”Lets Nurturer” single_rating=”5″ agg_rating=”10″ price=”Free” condition=”New” ]


Lets Nurture
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