Lets Take A Step To Preserve Gujarati Literature Digitally With Wiki Gujarati


Dec. 12

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Wiki Gujarati

It is time for every Gujarati to go to roots. Lets Nurture is going to organize a Wiki Gujarati Event to tell the world about the wonder that is Gujarat.

The event is about generating awareness about the technological marvel that is Wikipedia. Our drive here is to encourage the posting of Gujarati literature online so we can share the knowledge of our heritage with the world. We strive to preserve digitally the pearls of our culture so that the world can behold and for our people to revel in its glory.

Currently there are very few editors for the Gujarati Literature that goes into Wiki Gujarati. We want the general public to submit and maintain authenticity of the literature that goes into the online encyclopedia. It is a chance to prove that Gujarati culture is worth immortalizing. We do not know any Gujarati to back out of that. That is what we admire in our people and makes us so passionate to arrange this event.

Let us share the literary treasure trove of our beloved hearth with Wiki Gujarati and put it out for the world and our future generations to behold with awe.

Come one and come all and lets nurture the Gujarati life and way.

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