Lets Nurture To Host GDG Android Developer Event at our Ahmadabad Office


Dec. 12

6.56 K


Google DevelopersCome next weekend some lucky students are going to get a chance of a lifetime. A few select students are going to learn how develop applications from the pros. Lets Nurture is going to learn how to develop professional applications in the GDG Android Developer Event on Saturday.

20 Students are going to get the opportunity to learn how to build applications for the Android Application Environment. These students will be taught by our team of elite developer and they will learn firsthand how to develop applications in the real world.

This opportunity however does not come easy. This opportunity will go to handful students who manage to beat our tests. Be warned it is not going to be easy.

Trainees will learn the nuances and programming methodologies of Android Programming, get acquainted with the Eclipse IDE, and learn how to publish their android applications to the Google Play store. All that will set them in the direction of great mobile Developers.

This event is supported by GDG and GDG organizer Paresh Mayani himself is doing the chalk talk. He is going to show you how to work with UI/XML layout design and basic application development. Nurturer Ketan Raval is going to show you how to upload your application onto the Google Play Store, how to create Keystores and how to use them to sign your Android binaries. That is if you make it here.

Bring your best game when we meet you on campus and you may be one of the few who get to see all this in action at the GDG Android Developer Event.


Lets Nurture
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