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Know India Quiz Contest at Lets Nurture: Churning Brains for Patriotism!


Aug. 14

4.5 K


When the company’s name is Lets Nurture India, do you think it will leave any stone unturned to prove its love for the country? This 14th August, the authorities decided to conduct ‘Know India Quiz Contest’ to check the knowledge of employees about their own country. And needless to say, everyone participated with all due enthusiasm.


Utpal  had prepared a huge list of questions on several aspects of India. As and when the participants answered correctly, they were awarded with a prize. The contest was reminiscent of the vast and vibrant culture of India. It ended with the sounds of patriotism emoted in the air through the National Anthem. We had a lot of fun! Afterall it was all about the ‘Incredible India’!


Lets Nurture
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