Beacon Based Museum Management App

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Duration : 12 Weeks
Situation :

The US based client involved in taking museums to the next level with the introduction of beacons and rich multimedia experience that can be added through Mobile Apps. They were looking for a highly efficient technical solution that would cater to the need of museums and help them setup this unique and new concept of adding value to a traditional museum visit. Kaleri app is to be used by tourist across the world and it would unravel stories about the Art, Artist and Artefact which is not even on display or might be added at a later date. App should also provide Artist to broadcast using their iPhone or iPad. When Artist are in house(Museum) they should be able to provide more details about their collection or display or altogether something new and amazing that is not on display in the museum at that point.

  • Collection of Museum and Exhibits
  • List of Art, Artist & Collections
  • Local Storage Option for faster access of data
  • Beacon Assisted Near by feature
  • Google Map Integration for Distance and Directions to Museums
  • Add to Favourites
Tasks :

After thorough review and analysis of this unique requirment for mobile Apps for providing beacon assisted rich cultural experience to museum visitors we have identified following tasks

  • Multiple User types/ Guest User Access
  • Beacon Assisted Multimedia Experience
  • Artist can Broadcast using iOS Device(Device as beacon)
  • Native App Development for better performance and User Experience
  • Push Notification/Notification Center to alert user for newly available Art/Artists/Artefacts/Collections
  • Offline Access
Action :

Letsnurture team reviewed and analyzed the business requirement of client and their vision for providing new tool for Museums across the world to enhance tourist experience. With Letsnurture’s vast experience in providing great technology solution for Finance and Commodity Markets, we developed a complete product that includes:

  • Social Media Login Options
  • Use of Beacons and Geo Fencing to provide proximity alerts
  • Featured Artefacts
  • Artist of the Day
  • Offline Support, Check for Live Updates
  • Search and explore exhibits, museums and artist across the world/near by


  • Objective C/Xcode 7.x
  • Google MAP API
  • Mongo DB/SQlite
  • Django/Python
Results :
  • Discovering art and artefacts was never so easy before Kaleri App for Museum came out.
  • Now, almost every museum across the world wants to replicate this model and make art popular with this platform.
  • Use of customized iBeacon and iBeacon management has changed the way museum wants visitor to interact and get enriched with great heritage and culture.
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