‘Your Voice Is My Command’ Says Speech Recognition Interface


Oct. 16

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Our lives have changed completely after the invention of mobile phones. If you look at the ancient age mobile phone, they comprised of hard keypads and were meant only for calling, texting and task scheduling.

On the other hand modern day smart and sleeky mobile phones are loaded up with innumerable features and several add-ons. Several offerings like Speech recognition, GPS navigation, Biometrics sensing have been influential in providing convenience. Now by using your smartphone, you can easily voice your commands and get the desired response.

Evolution of Speech Recognition

During its initial trial, speech recognition system could understand only digits. Later IBM’s Shoebox was programmed to understand sixteen spoken English words. In early 70’s, “Harpy” speech-understanding system was developed that could understand 1011 words. Soon later, it was the Bell Laboratories’ innovation in the speech recognition system that led to understanding and interpretation of multiple human voices.

Thereafter the SR systems that were modeled on the basis of templates of words and sound pattern recognition later followed HMM to recognize unique sounds. An application that could read hundred WPM was then developed by Dragon to stay in the race.

In 2010, Google added “personalized recognition” to Voice Search on Android phones. It was meant to record users’ voice searches to produce a more accurate recognition technique. They developed an unique speech model by incorporating 230 billion words from the actual queries from the users.

Usual Keying-in vs Speech Recognition

Imagine the world of smartphone without speech input -> First thing you will need is to manually slide across several screens to open the app of your choice. Likewise, to send a text message or an email, you will have to manually type sentences using the onscreen keyboard.

By turning on the speech recognition you can easily voice emails, open up apps of your choice and send voice inputs. On most Android based smartphones, by simply tapping on the mike symbol you can activate and get your SR system to listen. For Apple’s iPhone, a voice assistant called Siri can be invoked using a simple voice command “Hey Siri!”. In the same ground, Nokia’s digital assistant Cortana can also be invoked by saying “Hey Cortana!”.

Using Speech Recognition for Interfacing

In the speech recognition process, the spoken words are taken as an input to a computer program. By using the voice technology one can use speech synthesis to allow users to communicate with the voice supporting apps. All the voice instructions are interpreted by your smartphone led voice assistant and are played back to get the user approval.

Speech Authentication and Accent Prediction

Often voice recognition or speaker identification technique are programmed to  identify the speaker. By recognizing the speaker it can simplify the task of translating speech in systems that are trained on a specific person’s voice. They can be used to authenticate or verify the identity of a speaker as part of a security process. Usually voice of several users with different accents are fed into the SR system to allow easy interpretation of the spoken message.

What does the Future hold?

Speech recognition provides an easy interface to interact with the smartphone devices. Even though they are prone to few minor errors, they still provide convenient means of interaction. When accompanied by large amount of vocabulary, improved artificial intelligence and better voice inference, speech recognition will certainly constitute to be the technology of the future.

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