XYZ Printing Launched Three 3D Printers at CES 2015, One of Them Prints Food!


Jan. 15

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There was a huge buzz all around the place when XYZ Printing launched their three 3D printers at CES 2015. The technology used by the experts is something out of our imagination. One of the 3D printers is capable of printing cookies and cakes.

The mega event CES 2015 has unveiled lot of new technologies and there is lot more to know about 3D printers. As of now, let’s see XYZ Printing’s 3D printers launched at CES 2015:


XYZ’s 3D Food Printer

How much time do you take to prepare a perfectly shaped cookie? It is quite obvious that it might take some hours to do it. Do you agree? But now, you need not spend hours to prepare those cookies. XYZ Printing’s 3D Food Printer does it all in minutes. All you have to do is design your cookie and upload the prototype in the printer. It connects with the Windows and Mac OSX systems via USB. The material selection will vary according to your cookie. Additionally, you can also decorate your cake in your desired way.


One good thing about this printer is that it doesn’t need any guidance or inputs once it starts the process. Whereas, the 3D printer that prints pizzas will not cook it completely, you still have to complete the last step on your own. You can print any shape of cookie or decorate the cake in any style by designing it in your system and uploading to the printer. Watch the below video to start printing food with 3D printer:



XYZ’s Nobel 1.0 SLA 3D Printer

The 3D printers using SLA (Steriolithography Apparatus) technology are considered the fastest of all the printers. The printers using SLA have a simplified process to print the prodcut. XYZ Printing launched Noble 1.0 SLA 3D Printer at CES 2015 with some classy toys and chess boards. The toys and chess pieces displayed at the mega event left everyone amazed!


The kind of resolution which is up to 25 microns gives you a crystal clear detail of every printed product. The print material used in the 3D printer is photopolymer resin. The printer comes with 2.6-inch touchscreen which gives you a flexibility to operate the machine with ease. Here’s the video of the Nobel 1.0 SLA 3D Printer:



XYZ’s da Vinci Junior FFF 3D Printer

Now this is what the tech freaks were waiting for! An affordable and robust 3D printer. XYZ Printing’s da Vinci Junior FFF 3D Printer is the most affordable printer in today’s world which can give you amazing outputs. Right from printing the prototypes of panda to robot, that are small in size, you can print anything with this 3D Printer. This is pretty useful for educational institutions who often require to teach different concepts to kids including the introduction of animals, birds, fruits and more. Even the pieces of maps can be printed and can be combined later to see the full map. Watch the full video of da Vinci Junior FFF 3D Printer here:



Ah! You can’t ask a better explanation than this to know how the technology has enhanced over the past years. These 3D printers are simply amazing! Most probably these are one of the best 3D printers in the world. There are lot more to know about CES 2015. For more updates subscribe to our blog today!


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