Windows 8 Superb Lyrics Video Commercial

07 Nov. 12
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It would be unfair if we do not accept that Window 8 video advert is catchy, WIndow 8 UI is awesome and Windows 8 Advert Lyrics is super awesome.  Windows 8 hit the market last week and it has created buzz amongst normal users as well as developers. Everything at once concept is super awesome lyrics. I was reading some articles about mobile application development & I listened this song..  it is still on my head.. &  I think it ll stay there for long.

As cool as a tree,

As scary as the sea.

As warm as the sun,

As silly as fun.

As hot as fire,

Cold as ice.

Sweet as sugar,

& everything nice

oh!oh!…All I wanna be

All I wanna be

it’s… everything at once.

Original Full Song is Lenka Everything at Once

These kind of things are really addictive. Recently, I was using tweet analysis mobile app for my daily usage and this tweet analysis app made me so addictive that I can not stay out of it now.. literally developers have really made worth to have mobile app. Tweet us your thoughts at @letsnurture.

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