How to Determine Whether Your Website is Good or Bad?


Sep. 16

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In current digitalized era, if you have your business website, it proves that you are stepping with the latest trends. The business website will surely have a huge impact on your business. But, to have a website is not enough. It is necessary to have an user-friendly website, which helps to receive online business.

Every website visitor has his opinions about the website. The one which he loves, he would like come back several times a week, but he will never return back if he dislikes the website. You must be bewildered how to recognize whether your website visitor will love or hate your website?

I am sharing few points from which I judge whether website is good or bad. I would like to add some suggestions too, which will help to renovate a bad website into a good and interactive website.

1. Loading Time

It irritates website visitors, if he needs to wait for the website to get loaded. More loading time increases the bounce-off rate of the website and it simultaneously affects the hit-rate of the website. 47% customers expect loading time to be two or less seconds. Images, videos, code and other factors have an impact on slow loading pages.

While designing the website make sure to compress the media files or redirect them from the url. Make sure that your website gets open within two to three seconds even at moderate internet speed. This will leave a good impression in visitor’s mind.

Understand well that delay of one-second decreases the customer satisfaction by almost 16%. Hit rates increases only if the users stay on the particular website for more than 2 to 3 minutes. According to stats, 49% of viewer bounce-of as the website loading time is more than three seconds.

2. Optimized to Mobile

Now, most of us prefer to view any stuffs over internet on mobile phones. Many of us prefer applications for online shopping, booking cab, etc., but to download the app for everything is not feasible. So, we turn to the website for the same.

Website not optimized to mobile, reflects a hilarious impact of the website on visitors mind. In unoptimized website, visitors needs to repeatedly scroll the screen to read the details or to zoom in and out to view the content.

While website development, make sure that it is optimized to mobile. It will an outstanding impression as user can view the content just same as on laptop or pc.  Google announced in 2015, that it would strengthen the ranking signal for mobile- friendly website.

Along with all above, also integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages and Instant Article to your website. The integration of both will surely boost the hit rate and decrease the loading time of website.

3. Design and BreadCrumbs of Website

The website with more clumsy navigations confuses the visitor or may misguide him the path. Difference in the title and the navigated page is the worst part. UI and UX leaves the best impact on visitors mind. Viewer hates over colourful or simple and sober site.

The heart of any website is its UI and UX. UI and UX must to be attractive and interactive. The colours of the layouts need to be calm else it will storm viewer’s mind and eyes. The title and the navigated page needs to be relevant. Never use cloaking technique to increase the online traffic. Cloaking is the worst thing, as it irritates the viewer the most just similar to excessive advertisement and popups.

4. Multimedia, Popups and Advertisements

Multimedia files are the point of attraction in the whole website. Images and videos irrelevant to the content confuses the viewer. Autoplay video bombarded with the high sound troubles the viewer. Excessive popups and advertisements on web page hinders the user while viewing the content.

Multimedia needs to be informative and in relevance to the topic. Let viewer play the video or audio on the webpage. Don’t add autoplay functionality. Popups must be changing as per the type of the visitors. The use of moderation technique increases effectiveness of popups. Though advertisements increase the online earning, but excessive of them is hilarious. Advertisements related to the product boost the interest of viewer to click on it.

5. Contents on Webpage/Blog and Contact Details

Many a times, people just copy the contents of other to increase the rating of the website or add keywords which are irrelevant to the content. Sometimes the content added in the blog is not catchy or doesn’t match with the image and title. It confuses the viewer. Contact details is just mentioned on few webpages. Due to this, viewer scrolls through the pages to find the contact details.

Content must be catchy and most relevant to the images and title. Title needs to be catchy. Blog helps the readers to know more about any products and about the services you are providing. Content also helps in the SEO activities of the website. Precise content and keyword can crawl your website to the top in the search engine. All above this, unique and informative content also decrease the bounce-off rate of the website.

Contact Details and Social Media connection must be provided on every webpage. If the user wants any service, he will simply go through the content and if he finds it appropriate, he will simply scroll down to contact details to get the service.

Over the time of 8 years, LetsNurture team has provided 1000 solutions in various fields. While, developing a web, our web expertise team take care of the above discussed issues. We assure to provide the website to clients. LetsNurture assures you to provide the website which is user-friendly, interactive and well-informative. Let’s Connect for your web development.


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