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Jun. 13

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The month of June ends with a hope of next new good beginning for the month of July. This month has faced many new things at Lets Nurture.We have initiated many new tasks for the coming months.

Php / Android / iOSTraining Program has been initiated to provide a new look to the Company.

The reason for this is to get good talented candidate whom we can groom and hire them for our future prospects. We want to help fresh new graduates to learn the practical aspects before they enter the corporate world.

Though being an initial phase we have received tremendous response from the candidates for training in different fields like PHP website development, iOS application development and Android application development. Training Programs are open in our both office of Ahmedabad.The constant flow of the in query and registration is boosting up our efforts.

As we have experienced a very soothing weather in the first week of June which tempted us to have a dalwada gathering. It was fun and refreshing day filled with songs, jokes and masti.

Gala time at LetsNurture

Our PHP team had a gala time by having lunch with our CEO Ketan Raval on 24th June. This lunch was an ice breaking moment for new joiners in my Company. Such meet helps to build up a good colleague and Senior relationships.

SEO and php team letsnurture

We also conducted debate every week where we discuss topics related to social issues, technologies, opinion based topics.

The reason for the same is to help one and all to interact with each other and get to know each other’s thought process from the busy routine. This increases the bond among each other. To have a happy work culture along with happy people around, one has to interact and socialize with each other.

SEO team also went for Lunch meet on Saturday 22nd June. The month ends with a good note.

Check out our all android applications on google play store. We also launched iOS apps as well..

Stay tuned to know what is LetsNurture up to in the next month

Month has seen good moments like debates of Kuldip, hard time of explaining importance of communication , few moments gave us a good laugh like Kuldip’s observation of Rajal’s Sharp Eyes… One liner on Marmik .. Comments on Two Bapus

Plenty of exciting things are to happen at @letnsurture in July Stay Tuned.

LetsNurture always thrives to deliver quality to the client as well as employees. If you are looking for a firm where you are not only bound to work but you enjoy your mundane routine, LetsNurture is definitely a good choice. Join our amazing team.


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