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Oct. 12

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With more and more people using GPS navigation on their mobile devices, people are utilizing their devices for local searches; India has started using the internet on the 3G networks like never before.So what do Indian users utilize their searches on? Google reviewed the searches on for various countries and showed a report of various countries showing what they searched for summer 2012.

The report consisted of two parts: Popular Searches and Landmark Searches.

Popular Searches and Landmark Searches

India’s highest search was “Tourist attractions showing how busy Indians were traveling. It was followed closely by Railway and metro stations and religious places. No surprises there ( said with a certain sense of pride for “religious places”). Other popular search terms include Real Estate, Colleges, Courier service location, Banks, Petrol stations, Passport office and in the final position Restaurants & Hotels.

Top 10 searched landmarks in India were

  • Yamuna Expressway” (165 Km between Noida and Agra),
  • Kerala”,
  • Anna University” (Again with bookish pride),
  • Taj Mahal”,
  • Vaishno Devi”(and again),
  • “Ignou”
  • Shirdi”,
  • Electronic City, Bangalore”,
  • Gateway of India” and
  • Leh” .

So, India has been traveling, studying, and praying this summer.

What about the The UK?

Great Britain
Great Britain

Meanwhile in Great Britain it can be seen from the stats that her Majesty’s people wanted to joust each other at squash. Yes top searches of Britain include “squash” at the top followed by parks”, ”pubs, bars & Inns”, “Camping Sites”, “Cafe”, “Gym”, “Hostel”, “School”, “Golf Courses”, and lastlyHotels”. From what it seems Britain was pretty much being Britain apart from the Olympics fever.

Top 10 The landmark searches for UK

  • “Westminster” at the top (God Bless the queen),
  • “Trafalgar Square” (London’s largest square and historic treasure trove),
  • ”Yorkshire” (England’s largest county witness of great conquests) ,
  • “Oxford St”(Somebody get the ladies outta there :D),
  • Wembley Stadium” (Footbal Mecca and Olympic stadium),
  • “Brick Lane”(Banglatown. Looks like some people were peckish for curry),
  • “Covent Garden”( People looking to buy some iPhones maybe?),
  • “British Museum”(Some Human History and culture),
  • Hampton Court Palace ”(Road cycling Time Trial venue for the olympics),
  • “Olympic Stadium”(Duh!).

We loved to see that “Yorkshire” on top 10 list as our UK Branch Office is in Bradford , Yorkshire.

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