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Sep. 15

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V2V communication is cloud-based technology that enables vehicles to exchange various data. It is a technology in which there is wireless transmission of data between motor vehicles. Imagine that you are driving your car on road and may simply receive a warning should there be a risk of an accident or the vehicle itself may take preemptive actions such as braking to slow down.

It lets vehicles broadcast their position, speed, steering-wheel position, brake status, and other data to other vehicles within a few hundred meters. The other vehicles can use such information to build a detailed picture of what’s going around them, revealing trouble that even the most careful and alert driver, or the best sensor system, would miss or fail.

V2V is an important part of the intelligent transport system (ITS), a concept that is being sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This technology will be the main feature for what we say driverless cars / autonomous cars / self driven cars / connected cars.

Vehicles will collect and make sense of massive amounts of data from a huge array of sources. Cars will talk to other cars, exchanging data and alerting drivers to potential collisions. They’ll talk to sensors on signs on stoplights, bus stops, even ones embedded in the roads to get traffic updates and rerouting alerts. And they’ll communicate with your house, office, and smart devices, acting as a digital assistant, gathering information you need to go about your day.

Why V2V communication?

The world around us is turning to smart world and cities are turning to smart cities. While internet has become the main medium of data transmission, but vehicles are the only medium for physical transmission for goods and humans.


As discussed above if vehicle will be able to communicate with another vehicle nearby, the obvious outcome would a safe driving thus preventing the millions of crashes occurring and preventing the deaths and fatalities.
Traffic management, pollution control and driving assistance:
Drivers would not left relying on GPS, which can only optimize the route based on the number of miles and seed limit, but rather can rely on what is happening in the current driving condition.

• Alerting drivers to potential traffic concerns
• Communicating with travel sensors, such as stoplights, bus stops and even roads.
• Receive updates about weather, traffic flow and even necessary errands.
• Offer rerouting options in case of construction, slowed traffic flow or accidents (the data for which would be provided by other V2V vehicles).
• Due to lower congestion and less time spent in traffic, the pollution caused by motor vehicles will be lower as well.
• Parking, parallel parking.
• Lane keeping assistance.

Personal assistance:

• Multitasking: While going from this place to another, you can do anything you want. Eat, sleep, work, chat with relatives – commute time is no longer down time.
• Check the weather.
• Your to-do list from your calendar, giving you an update from your calendar and track important dates and appointments.
• Plan your route for the day, rerouting you when you’re on your way if you get behind schedule or run into traffic.
• Lining up your iTunes playlist, download directly to the radio.
• Store personal preferences such as mirror and seat positions.
• Maintain bookmarked information for later use.
• Access the Internet, instant messaging, email, social media, and news.
• Videos and other entertainment apps for passengers.
• Information and geo-location of nearby points of interest. Location based marketing, when moving from one place to another; you can get alert and notification about offers and discounts currently available from nearby retailers.

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