Wearable Technology for Fitness and Monitoring Of Athletes!


Jun. 15

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Wearable Technology for Fitness and Monitoring Of Athletes!

Everyone is aware of the revolutions happening in 21st century and custom mobile development has played a significant role in changing people’s lives. However, popularity of wearables leveraging wearable app development has added fuel to the speed of growth in innovations. The tiny sleek chic wearables are peeping in every field and sports being one of the favourites with the wearable technology app development teams. They keep coming up with cool techniques with a futuristic approach. Today, combination of IoT, mobile app development and wearable app development has led multiple health and fitness applications. This innovation has opened up new possibilities which were unimaginable by humans of 20th century.

1. Athos Athlete Gear:

Athos is the sensor-laden athlete gear that will control the way one does a workout, with this the workout is never the same again. This is the magic of health and fitness apps development.

It is the brainchild of the two electrical engineers Dhanaja Jayalath and Christopher Wiebe. The idea was conceived while still in college when like many others body building was their craze too and not being able to afford a personal trainer was just another thing.

They knew that a personal trainer is someone who keeps a consistent check when the person is exercising and makes sure they do it the right way without any injury or getting fatigued. This gave them enough idea to come up with a technology that is wearable and yet comfortable to not have a feeling of sensors all over the body.

What is the product?

The product consists of two garments—a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of workout pants along with a plastic core that use EMG sensors to track muscle activity on 22 muscle groups. That activity gets passed to a wearable module called the Core which crunches the data and sends it wirelessly to a smartphone app leveraging custom mobile app development. You can check for the heart rate, breath rate and also know which muscle you are using and with what intensity.

You can evaluate the level of exertion you are putting and correct the form of the exercise thus minimising the risk of injury.

This data driven wearable app can help you to evaluate and control your workout all without the presence of a personal trainer.

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The NBA players are training wearing this garment designed by Athos. In order to better monitor player’s health, the Warriors have begun beta-testing a suite of high-tech ‘smart clothing’ with the hope that the garment would provide a better way to train the athletes, making them more efficient and less injury.

  • Athos Gear combines motion sensors and breathing sensors with electromyography (EMG), to collect information about electrical activity in the skeletal muscles.
  • Motor neurons transmit electrical signals that cause muscles to contract, and an electromyograph translates these signals into numerical values that can be charted and interpreted. And Athos is totally wireless, so the feeling of something touching your body all the time is eliminated.

The three pieces- a top, a pair of pants, and a plastic core.

  • The top has sixteen sets of sensors: one for heart rate, another for breathing, and seven pairs for seven major muscle groups.
  • The pants have twelve more sets of sensors for six major muscle groups.
  • The core, which fits in a small pocket, relays information from the sensors to a smartphone app, where users can see which muscle groups is activated in real time.

Garment’s feature:

  • Warp Knit – Provides stability; while reducing fatigue and soreness
  • Flat Seam Construction – Avoids chafing
  • 4-Way Stretch – Full range of movement for any activity
  • Sweat Wicking – Keeps you cool and dry
  • UPF 50 Treatment – Protects skin from harmful sun rays

2. Athos sensors:

  • Conform seamlessly to the contours of your body
  • Are non-adhesive and built directly into the fabric
  • Do not need to be wet prior to use
  • Do not chafe
  • Do not need to be replaced

The athlete gear has still to cover all the aspects of the technology- real time utility, comfort and fashion. Only the right kind of amalgamation of this three will make it hit amongst the mass.

OptimEye-Catapult, Australia

Two years ago New York Knicks squad trainers attached a matchbook-sized motion-sensing device to Jason Kidd’s jersey, who wanted to return to the game after an injury, and compared Mobile app development , Wearable App development, Health and Fitness App his performance to benchmark readings set in the preseason; to check if he is fit to be a coach or not. He passed the test and cleared to play.

  • The “OptimEye” system works by inserting a sensor unit in a player’s jersey, between the shoulder blades (near the T1 vertebra).
  • It contains the typical motion sensors-accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes—along with GPS to track players’ movements in three-dimensional space (or special antennas, for indoor arenas and stadiums).

Catapult has secured contracts with five NBA teams and six NFL teams, providing a suite of wearable hardware and analytics software.

Catapult sees their technology as complementary with the high-tech SportVU cameras that one can find in NBA arena to track the players’ movements in events. The cameras are extremely effective at analyzing in-game tactics, but they can only track visible movement—they have difficulty collecting information on the acceleration on a jab step, the force exerted in a charging foul, or changes in cardiovascular activity.

NBA has begun incorporating the device in all regular leagues, but they are still prohibited to be used in the real games. The managers to make personnel decisions based on the data collected and provided the sensitivity of the matter the player’s agent too can see the data, as it makes way for future contracts.

We hope the device becomes accessible to an average player too in the near future.

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