Way of working changed by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Oct. 16

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On last Saturday, while watching a television show ‘24 Season 2’, I was amazed to see how they indulged the use of various technologies in the series to solve the mysteries. Many other televisions shows and movies have used these high-techs since long. This looks unreal on TV. But lately, as I have been researching about two wonderful technologies – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, I found this to be unbelievably true.

While Virtual Reality creates a simulation, Augmented Reality adds texts, graphs and labels for a better view of the user’s environment. Many technological giants have started working on it to provide the best possible solutions to their audience. Various advertisements and social media continuously amazed the crowd regarding AR and VR to increase the rage to use them in real-life. I will surely say that implementation of these technologies has given us the real perception of the virtual things.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – enhancing the future

QRCode implementation in visiting cards, cooking books, menu cards and much more is a type of augmented reality implementation. This helps to get details just by scanning through smartphones. This sounds magically impressive.

Let me share you few fields where Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality meet to give the users a unique experience.

  • Conference calls are a headache, mostly. The concept of real-time conversation along with an implementation of AR and VR can help you reduce this headache.
  • Having a virtual workspace sounds so mythical. But it is so possible by the use of virtual reality glasses where you can see holograms of your colleagues and interact with them in real time.
  • There is always a need for sets of monitors to help us ease multitasking. But of course, this is not possible because of the limited space at a workplace. Well, not anymore. With Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, you can now work while tapping onto multiple screens appearing and disappearing at your command.
  • With companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google, the training programs at many organizations have been taking place through VR simulator. This is not only changing the future of your typical classroom training sessions but also helping the business in time and cost cutting. The virtual reality headsets can not only enable communication but also revamps the whole training process.

Create and experience the imaginative reality yourself

Don’t know how to instigate a user-friendly custom to grow your business. Well, Augmented Reality is the best solution to implement into your business practices.

Give LetsNurture an opportunity to help you design this unique experience. We can make your cooking or shopping experience more joyful and interactive by introducing Augmented Reality into your offerings. For any queries drop us an email at


Ketan Raval
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