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Jan. 13

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In a fast world people will always prefer the solutions that provide them with fast results.  When it comes to software companies there is always a need to provide customers with a prototype; an idea about what kind of result they are going to get against the requirements they have put forward. Earlier this required a good amount of development time prior to the commencement of the projects and a lot of effort and productivity was wasted if clients rejected the work.

A large variety of new mobile application development tools have come up that allow you to develop applications really fast. This is the result of low-code or no-code alternative mobile application development environments. So it is natural that we list out a few of these solutions.

Buzztouch: Buzztouch is a great website that allows you design an application Buzztouchand instantly download the source code for that application. This is a great development tool for those who are not very apt at fast coding. If you do not have an idea of where to begin your project simply start designing your application with it and keep adding new actions as you go. A handy tool it also allows you to store your projects online or you can download the source code and continue development on your own. The only downside is that it has few people maintaining it.

Telerik Icenium: Icenium is a rapid application development environment that Iceniumallows developers to work on projects anywhere they like. The Icenium Mist environment is browser based. You simply type in the URL from any place and get working on the code. Apps developed with Icenium are really lightweight. You can develop both  iOS and Android apps on it.

Socialize AppMakr: This is a solution for people who do not have any backgroundsocialize appmakr in coding. It is a code free environment to develop Android and iOS apps. AppMakr also has its own social network. Apps generated for free have ads in them although you can pay a fee and get ad free applications as well.

Mippin blackberry appgeneratorMippin BlackBerry App Generator: Another code free environment AppGenerator aims to develop apps for the Blackberry handheld devices and Playbook. This is a good environment because it is an option for developers who are not keen on developing applications for the Blackberry OS platform.

Xamarin MonoTouch and Mono for Android: This rapid development IDE comesXamarin MonoTouch and Mono for Android in two types- MonoTouch and Mono for Android. Their basic aim is to help developers who are more proficient in C# develop applications for iOS and Android platform. Being a hardcore c# developer myself I also have dabbled with mono briefly and have enjoyed the experience.

RunRev LiveCode: This coding environment has its own source code that can be RunRevcompiled into executables for various Platforms. This is a very stable environment. This is ideal to develop in-house applications for an organization that has employees carrying various devices.  It even supports mobile databases.

So now it is pretty much clear that the day is not far when people will be able to create applications for their mobile devices without having much technical knowledge. We are pretty sure though that we will be still getting more mobile app development projects because of our customer service & classic mobile application portfolio 🙂


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