Updates from Apple WWDC 2016 – OS X is now macOS


Jun. 16

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The year 2016 has started off quite well for Apple Inc. in the way they have already launched some of new products and few are in the pipeline. Soon after the Google IO 2016 ended, Apple was ready to taken on its arch rival at Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2016.

At WWDC, Apple showcases its plans

The Apple’s developers community had anticipated a lot many things from Tim Cook. It is still early to give a verdict on how far Apple was able to satisfy the developer’s need and re-energize their engagement but let’s check out what were the major announcements by them at WWDC 2016.

OS X will now be macOS

Apple’s desktop operating system that has been known as OS X, had its last version as El Capitan. Now the OS will be called macOS and the next version is named as Sierra. At WWDC, it was notified that developer version will be launched by July and the final version will be out by the end of the year.

The most intriguing feature that is talked most about is the macOS on cloud enabling the user to login from anywhere using iCloud drive. Also, macOS Sierra will bring the Apple’s A.I. Siri to the desktop.

Apple Pay for the Web

After being successful on handheld devices like iPhones and iPads, Apple Pay is ready for its debut at Safari. Yes, you read correctly. Apple has decided to provide its wallet services for online payments through Safari for Desktops and Watches. The pilot will be initiated with US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

Apple Watch

We had already told you about Apple launch of Watch2 this year end, now as it happened last year Tim Cook came up with the watchOS v2.0 with awesome features. This year he has served us with watchOS 3.0 which will load apps 7 times faster than previous OS.

The side button can be used as dock to scroll the apps. The new control center in watch will make it act more like an iPhone. The swipe up  functionality of iPhone has been added to watch for easy airplane mode access. The SOS feature, if activated will make a call to 911 and send location info to first responders and emergency contacts.

Apple News with Subscription feature

The UI of Apple’s news app has been redesigned completely to attract more users as other Apps were getting popular on App Store especially Google Play Newsstand. Apple has added similar section features like Top News, Trending, Business, Sports, etc. It also gives you option to subscribe and read full newpapers and magazines at your comfort.

Tuning the Apple Music

Apple Music is just a year old service by Apple that has not got the response they were looking for. So as to make it up, it is given a complete new look with some easy navigating sections like Downloaded, Recently Added and Albums. It is trying to take on Spotify by this cool feature called “discovery mix” which creates a playlist based on regular choices.

Navigate with new Maps

With this new update Apple has tried to give Maps a completely refreshing feel for the user. Just like Google Maps, Apple Maps will show cabs adding to this you can book rides and pay easily with Apple Pay. The same feature will also be applied to restaurant reservations. There is a lot work done on making Navigation easier by showing more traffic details and alternative routes.

Above updates were not all at WWDC 2016, there were also updates for iMessages, Apple Photos (taking on Google Photos), Voicemail transcription, TV OS, Siri  and Predictive typing. WWDC 2016 reaffirmed developer’s faith on Apple as it is trying hard to ensure a user friendly ecosystem  with more  base applications. Time will tell and users will judge all these services well for the Apple to adapt better and easier. The next update we are waiting for sure is Apple Car, we hope to see it at next WWDC 2017.


Ketan Raval
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