Twitter Line Breaks: Next big thing for Social Media Marketing


Mar. 13

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There has been a little big new development in twitter which will change the way we tweet. If you have not noticed it yet, then let us tell you. Now you can add new lines or line breaks to your tweets. Now whether this is the best or worst thing that Twitter might have done is yet to be seen.

Now this allows a lot of great options available to us. You can tweet about conversations now, or write a haiku maybe. But what you can also do is tweet utter nonsense. You can insert line breaks after every letter and probably cover someone’s entire feed. This kind of thing is juvenile and idiotic which is why more people (Typically the kind that says YOLO and SWAG a lot) will be drawn to do it.

Twitter Line Breaks

The next break in Social Media Marketing

So as you might typically understand this can both enhance and ruin your experience. A thing to note here is that the line breaks only work on the twitter website and the twitter mobile app. It does not work when you embed tweets, nor does it work on Tweetdeck or other clients.

twitter - next break in social media

This however opens up new discussions. Typically from the point of view of developers, this might mean that they might have to parse tweets differently now. What this will allow Social Media Marketing campaigners to do is to engage their peers better with say polls.

It is a great thing and now the length of lines are now shortened and readability of tweets has improved. The implementation of these line breaks is still under scrutiny and maybe some modification might happen later. Till then maintain hope that people do not experiment too much with twitter line breaks.

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