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Dec. 12

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Remember Tweet Analysis? Of course you do because you are already using it. Our DroidBaby Tweet Analysis has grown to become one of the best Twitter analysis application on the Google Play Store. Really tall claim right? Not if you ask social media maniacs.  Consider this: Anything big happens what is the first thing that you observe? Yes Twitter gets bombarded with tweets about it. People start tagging tweets and soon the event becomes a trend. In other words if you want something to get the attention of people you would tweet about it. The thing is you have millions of tweets but can you exact what the reaction to the event is without having to go through those million tweets?

Why analyse tweets?

This is the reason twitter is such a preferred platform for social media marketers. The fact that twitter is an open network is another great thing. This means that tweets can be searched for on search engines. This means also that tweets can also be put on feeds. This is the aspect that our developers exploited to create the application. That is how they created an application that gives you the best twitter statistics that you can find. All this or you could be a hardcore tweetard1 and couldn’t care less as to why you would analyse tweet.

What fun you can have?

Simply put our application will analyse all related tweets and mark out all the statistics neatly. Statistics that are useful for twitter trenders and casual users all the same. You will have a much better idea how you are faring in your twitter circles and get a better idea of your followers, your retweets or even how others are faring in their twitter circles. TweetAnalysis has made something possibly something much easier that was earlier quite difficult: having a tweet-off. But more on that later.

What do I do, I’m tweetarded2?

In that case let me walk you through the workings of the application. Once you fire up the application it will ask you for your twitter login. Enter your details and access the features of the application. Once you login you will see the default  screen asking you to enter a hash tag. If you look at the bottom you will see 3 tabs.

So lets start from the basics. Say you want to see your stats or a friend’s. Just select the middle tab. You will be asked to enter the twitter handle of the person you want the stats for. Below that you will see the option of weekly and monthly analysis. With the weekly option the application will analyse your last 1000 tweets over the last week and the monthly analysis goes over the last 1000 tweets over the last month. Once you get inside you can get the stats about everything from your total tweets and to profile creation date to the day and time you were busiest on twitter. If you look down you will see 3 new tabs. The current one shows the weekly analysis. The retweet tab will tell you about your retweets. How many retweets  you put, how many times you retweeted somebody, your most retweeted tweet. You will also love the follower data you get from the third tab. You get your top followers’  locations, their most used hashtags, how many of the use URLs and hashes in their profiles. The amount of statistics is overwhelming.

That was about profile tweets. Lets checkout the Hash option. You get stats like top hash used along with the current one and  top handles to be mentioned. You can even see the concentration of tweets in geographical regions also on a map.


The last tab allows you to see the most used hashtags or trends in classifications of worldwide, country wise and city wise. While using twitter you can maintain only check trends of a particular place at a time. TweetAnalysis allows you to have more flexibility.


Stats like sources used, people mentioned and sentiment analysis is available in all the sections.

You can use the share buttons in every section to share the stats in anyway you like from SMS to facebook shares or tweets.

What’s new?

First of all the application is now running on Twitter API 1.1, so we had to modify majority of the application. While using twitter you can maintain only check trends of a particular place at a time. TweetAnalysis allows you to have more flexibility in this matter and you can switch between regional trends more easily. And lastly but most specially you will be able to dig your Foursquare data on Twitter as well. You can see which foursquare badges and check-ins and mayorships you have shared on twitter.

The Tweet-off

You have been patient so now I will reward you by telling you the rules of the game. Well a classic tweet-off is one where opponents select a hash to tweet on. The one who makes the most unique tweets on the hash wins. This is something that can be great to encourage people to tweet during events. The more unconventional form of a tweet-off, the one Lets Nurture employees compete at , is where you have toget the most retweets. You have to make such great tweetsthat people would like to retweet you and agree with your opinion. So keep an eye out with Tweet Analysis at different events and you might get rewarded for your spasms of tweetarhea3. In fact it has already been done at quite a few events like GDG DA-IICT or NitroDroid with our app.

Our DroidBaby is already being popularly used for tweet chats and it provides a great set of analysis that is truly interesting and something that you would like to share with all your close ones.

The real world applications of Tweet Analysis is infinite. You can gain the most accurate and current insight to the public’s reaction ,opinion and awareness on any topic, event or activity.

Notes and references:

  1. Tweetard:Person who is addicted to twitter.
  2. Tweetarded: Ignorant of twitter
  3. No it is not.


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