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Feb. 13

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Want to display a page with having to navigate away from the current one. Want to show a login form or any other sort of form on your Joomla implementation? Then the extension that you are looking for is Modalizer. The Modalizer extension by NoNumber allows you to convert any existing link on your Joomla web development in fancy modal popups. These windows are also known as lightboxes and you might have noticed them on a number of websites where they display login boxes or license agreements in popup boxes.

Easy Modal box Generation

Easy Modal box Generation
Easy Modal box Generation

You can very conveniently display pages in such modal boxes with a number of activators provided with the extensions. The plus part of Modalizer is that it can work with a number of types of modal boxes.  In the free version it can work with your core Joomla SqueezeBox and the jQuery Colorbox. If you upgrade to the pro version you get support for 3 other lightbox plugins FancyBox, LyteBox, ShadowBox.

Convenient Activation Methods for Joomla web development

The activators for the extension are also convenient. You can specify links to be opened in modal boxes with the modal tags. You can specify class names or target=”_blank” links to be opened in popup as well. Upgrading to the pro version will allow you to specify file types to be opened in modal boxes and specify regular expressions to filter URLS to be opened modally.

The Price Is Just Right

The extension is very useful and it will be worth your money should you choose to upgrade to the pro version. All extensions released by NoNumber are supposed to be stable and compatible with all versions of Joomla. Additionally their support is claimed to be very good as well.

Should you choose to buy Modalizer Pro it will cost you € 30. If you don’t want to part with the money you can always stick to the free version, which already provides great functionality.

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