Top Prenatal/Pregnancy Apps to Watch Out for in 2020


Dec. 19

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While being pregnant is an exciting time, it can also be confusing, exhausting, and overwhelming. Your body is going through numerous changes that can cause some serious concerns, especially if you are a new mom-to-be. This is why many women turn to pregnancy mobile applications and prenatal apps to help them combat morning sickness, help them to remember to take prenatal vitamins or track the growth of their baby throughout the pregnancy. If you are currently pregnant or are looking to become pregnant in 2020, here are the top apps to watch out for and wish list.

3 High-Tech Fertility Applications to Help You Become Pregnant!

  • Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor: For women who are seeking to become pregnant and are using basal temperature as a means of fertility accuracy, the Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor is an excellent option. It takes precise digital temperature readings, stores temperature information for 6 cycles (210 days) and has a built-in alarm clock for daily basal temperature readings. No strips required and it allows women to assess their most fertile days and estimate potential due dates.
  • OV Watch : If a watch is more to your liking, the OV Watch helps women by monitoring the skin’s release of hormones. This will alert women 4 days prior to ovulation time, providing them with their most fertile window. No strips required and it does act as a regular watch in that you can read time and wear it to bed.
  • Ovia Fertility Pregnancy Tracker : The Ovia Fertility application is free and measures basal temperature, ovulation timing, cervical fluids, menstrual cycles, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and sexual activity. You can choose to keep your own ovulation calendar or use the smart tracker to determine when you are most fertile. It also syncs with popular fitness applications like Fitbit and Jawbone.

5 of the Best Pregnancy Trackers to Help During Pregnancy

  • HiMommy Pregnancy Tracker : If you want just a simple pregnancy application without all the extra flair of numerous trackers and diaries, the HiMommy app is a wonderful choice. Features include being able to read about each pregnancy stage from the baby’s point of view, it helps you keep track of how far along you are, and it can help you feel closer to your baby. You will need your due date to use the app. Its big feature is the checklists that it provides to help you prepare. Available on IOS and Android and is free to use.
  • Baby Bump : Another simplistic pregnancy application that helps you learn facts about the baby and the changes you are going through as well as allowing you to compare the growth of your baby to illustrated fruit. You will receive useful tips on what a healthy pregnancy should entail and be able to see detailed fetal development images and videos. It comes with advice on sleep, diet, and activities as well as a kick counter and contraction timer. Available on IOS.
  • What to Expect – Pregnancy & Baby Tracker : The “What to Expect” pregnancy application is designed to guide you through your pregnancy on a day by day and week by week basis. It comes with a due date calculator, personalized updates on your baby’s development, latest parenting news, expert tips, and pregnancy articles. It is available on iPhone and Android and is free to use.
  • BabyCenter’s – Pregnancy Tracker : This particular application is good if you want a built-in countdown to your baby’s due date. It comes with fetal development videos for every single stage of your pregnancy which is great for mom’s that want peace of mind. It also comes with a daily news feed that has information on food and nutrition and exercise advice as well as general tips and advice. Other than this, it has weekly checklists and reminders, a photo diary, baby kick counter, and contraction timer among other features. Available on iPhone and Android and is free to use.
  • Sprout Pregnancy : If seeing a 3D representation of what is happening inside you, including your baby’s kicks, heartbeat, and movements, the sprout is for you. You can record your belly photographs, your pregnancy thoughts, and get daily and weekly information about your baby and your body changes. The application has a personalized timeline, contraction time, weight tracker, and allows you to keep a pregnancy journal. Is available on both iPhone and Android and is free with in-app purchases.

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