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Fantasy Sports Application is nothing but an Android and iOS-based gaming platform. Through this, the fans can make their own teams by choosing the players who they think will perform better than the rest. It ordinarily offers a sign-up reward, real cash prizes, and a ton of excitement to its users. Fantasy sports app is just about enthusiasm, fun, passion, expectation and in particular money rewards in terms of bonus and real cash prizes a fan can get. In simple terms, it is a fantasy sports platform based in India that allows users to play fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi and basketball games.

Even from a business perspective, Fantasy Sports App development is an incredible startup to invest in the nation. The Business Model proves to be strong in terms of revenue and also ensures earnings through brand partnerships, contest sponsors, advertisements, and entry fees.

Growing Popularity of Fantasy Sports Apps in India

The popularity of Fantasy sports mobile applications is spreading like wildfire in India. Furthermore, the popularity of Fantasy Sports App is expected to rise in the upcoming years. As people are equipped with high-speed internet, it becomes easier to get hooked by the fever of fantasy sports.

The current analysis says that India is having 7 million Fantasy Sports App users. But this figure doesn’t contain only cricket fans but also the kabaddi and football lovers. The growth rate keeps changing between 30-50% every year. With this speed, it is anticipated that India will have 50 million Fantasy Sports App users in the coming three years.

A Quick Look to Fantasy Sports App Market in India

  • IFSG-AC Nielsen report states that India is gaining momentum at a great rate in the field of fantasy sports.
  • The gap between 67% awareness and 10% adoption signifies that the future is bright for this industry in the Indian market.
  • 2 out of 3 which means 67% of the 18 crore online Indian cricket fans are well known with the concept of fantasy sports.
  • With 1.8 crore users, Dream11 is the leader in the Fantasy sports market of India.

IFSG report says that two out of three sports fans in India are using Fantasy Sports Applications today.

Amid the never-ending popularity of fantasy sports applications, let us have a look at the top three fantasy game apps in India.

Top 3 Fantasy Sports App Platforms in India

1. Dream 11

Dream11 is the leading fantasy cricket sports application platform that doesn’t require any introduction amongst sports fans in India. Reports state that there are more than 180 million people aware of fantasy sports applications in India only. Out of this humongous volume, a staggering 20 million fans are using Dream11 as of now making it the greatest player in this fantasy cricket app domain.

Dream11 Facts & Figures:

  • Year of Foundation: 2008
  • Global Rank: 332
  • The number of Active Users: Above 6 crores
  • The number of downloads: Above 5 crores

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2. HalaPlay

HalaPlay is Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) that provides a real money platform for Cricket, Football & Kabaddi. It offers quite different leagues with payout structures that allow the user to follow sports while at the same time being rewarded. The founders gave the illegal betting system a new vision and prepared a platform that is legal in all terms and works simultaneously on real sports matches.

HalaPlay Facts & Figures:

  • Year of Foundation: 2016
  • Global Rank: 14,204
  • The number of Active Users: Above 50 million
  • The number of downloads: Above 5 lacs

3. My11Circle

My11Circle is an interactive and exciting platform that brings a full circle of fantasy cricket league, giving you the same feeling of the game, while giving you the comfort to do it right from your device. The beauty is, you can enjoy this game whenever you love cricket. Number crunchers and traditional cricket lovers will love this platform’s smooth gameplay.

My11Circle Facts & Figures:

  • Year of Foundation: 2019
  • Global Rank: 22,509
  • The number of Active Users: 4 Crore
  • The number of downloads: Above 1 Million

Business Model of Fantasy Sports App:

Fantasy sport is a great startup idea to invest. In terms of revenue, the business model of fantasy sports app proves to be strong and also ensures earnings through the following ways:

  • Contest Entry Fee: Contest Entry Fee plays a key revenue role, ensuring heavy earnings.
  • Advertising: Advertising helps achieve a variety of goals, and companies place advertisements in a variety of media.
  • Merchandise: it stimulates interest and encourages customers to buy.

Why should one invest in Fantasy Sports App Development?

Each one of us would like to invest in a business that can provide long-term profits. So, have a look at some strong reasons for investing in Fantasy Sports Applications development in the Indian market:

  • Cricket is a religion in India: Cricket is undoubtedly India’s most famous game among all types of games. People love the game and take it seriously.
  • Attract New Customers & Make Money: Every day, Fantasy Sports mobile apps attract new customers, especially in IPL seasons or other sports leagues.
  • Lower Competition: Since the concept of Fantasy Sports is new in India, therefore the field is not highly competitive.
  • It is Legal: Fantasy sport portal is a legal game in India. It doesn’t come under gambling. It is a game of skill which is considered legal to play.

How Let’s Nurture can be your ideal Tech Partners?

Let’s Nurture provides experts in the development of iOS mobile applications and Android mobile applications. Our Mobile App Development team is expertise in building mobile apps and websites for fantasy sports. We also provide expert advice at an affordable cost estimate for strategic development & features. Let’s Nurture can develop an outstanding and best-in-class mobile fantasy sports application that is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms with all devices and latest OS versions such as Android P and iOS 12.

Convert your idea of the Fantasy Sports App into a profitable business and contact our mobile application experts for further information and inquiry.


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