Top 10 UX Trends in 2016


Mar. 16

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Trend basically means change or development. Trends can be seen everywhere in every industry today be it media, fashion, technology and innovation. In creative areas, trends are of utmost importance as they are directly linked to the customers and businesses.

People who have been familiar with UX/UI know that the web design has been evolving over the time and has brought about new design demands and new trends.

With 2016 already setting in there are a few things that UX and UI designers want to be mindful of. Let’s talk about the top 10 trends or changes in the UX design for the current year.

1. The end of apps

Apps nowadays are not anymore the user’s final destination. It is merely a catalyst or an engine that simply converts the raw data into the actionable form. Certain application like weather app simply sends in the notification to the user 15 minutes before it rains to remind the user to keep an umbrella handy. Hence, such OS features that send notifications are going to lessen the chances of the user looking at the app’s UI over the time.

2. The importance of the right prototyping tool

New prototyping tools are launched on weekly and monthly basis. How much time are we willing to spend learning to use these tools? Tools are outnumbering designers day by day which will for sure affect the design industry from scaling.

We hope that the prototyping tools in the current year will enable us to perform platform agnostic ideation without having to sit in front of the laptop.

3. Better time management

It’s all about prioritizing things that are really important for the user. Digital interfaces and designers are constantly working towards overcoming the extra clutter and providing the information which is relevant at the right time. We are now designing keeping in mind the ‘time’ i.e., having just the relevant data exactly at the right time users need it.

With sensors and technology getting smarter and precise the user experience in the current year will be more linear and clutter free making our work focused around time.

4. PX or Personalised Experience

Customization has become one of the important aspects of the brands and companies. Through delivering customized experiences to the users the businesses are setting a turning point from the field of UX (User Experience) to PX (Personalised Experience).

5. Mobile enabled experience

Nowadays smart phones have become quite popular for all means of communication be it calling, texting, surfing or online shopping. In the current year we can see the much talked about Internet of Things products that connects your smart phones to the home appliances such as heating systems and refrigerators etc.

6. Internet of people and not things

Since last few years designers have been working constantly on smart phones and tablets on making them touch enabled. But over a period of time more and more laptops are desktops have been introduced with touch-screens. The main concern the designers are trying to overcome is the size tap targets which in some cases fail to take the input due to say fat fingers or gloved fingers.

7. Touch free inputs

Instead of depending on touches, the next revolution that is setting in is the use of voice based commands with the use of apps like Google Translate and Square Cash.

8. Say bye to heavy feature apps

The current year will witness the start of single purpose apps. The app developers have started breaking down feature heavy apps into small apps which a more focused on designs. One of the best examples of this is Facebook Messenger.

9. Real and virtual communities put together

2016 will witness an era where the way to access apps will be simplified through consolidation, robots, voice control etc. In a simple manner it means that apps will consolidate with another app to complete a command. An example of this could be : a user wants to call Jack from his contact list. The phone goes to the contact list, picks out the name and displays it for the user.

10. Companies are the new bloggers

Every time you stumble upon some article on web design, UI/UX you realise that it has been written by some company. True, they want clicks and they want to build their SEO, they want to be positioned among the leaders of that specific topic. But that’s not the only thing, every time you land on a certain article page, be assured they might be trying to sell you something.

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