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May. 15

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Application is becoming major element for successful business as people have turned to using apps more than a website to fulfill their requirements. A Well-developed app brings you on peak position of your field. But what you do if your application is not properly analyzed or not running fast? You should go for app analysis tools which help you build a better user-friendly and bug-free applications.

Here you can get an idea about what kind of analysis tools are available for app analysis and how you can implement it.


One of the best static android application analysis tools with a rich web-based user interface which extorts as much information as possible from APK) and displays the package & application contents in respective different views. Additionally, Other representations or command-line tools can be built around the main functionality as the front- and back-end are auspiciously conjugated. Try it!

Dare Dalvik Retargeting Android Applications

The Dare tool re-targets Android applications in .dex or .apk format to traditional .class files. These .class files can then be prepared by existing Java tools, including decompilers. Therefore, Android applications can be analyzed using a vast range of methods developed for traditional Java applications. Read more about how to use it.

FlowDroid Taint Analysis

This is a field-, flow-, lifecycle-aware, object-sensitive, context- static taint analysis tool for Android applications based on Soot and Heros which helps us to ensure flow- and context-sensitivity. Get more idea and source-code here about this tool.


It is a static code analysis tool for Android applications which provides command line and Eclipse supported checks for likely bugs and optimization betterment for Android applications.

To run active Lint checks in Eclipse on your Android application, right-click on your project and select Android Tools ? Run Lint: Check for Common Errors. You can also configure Lint checks under Window ? Preferences ? Android ? Lint Error Checking. For more details refer this link.


You can use this method to avoid executing long running operations on the UI thread. It is available as of API 9 (Android 2.3.3) which allows to setup thread policies for your application. Through StrictMode you can inform the Android system to crash your application if it performs long running operations. This can be only executed during development, not in your live application.


It is invented to provide a dynamic analysis of Android applications like Incoming/outgoing network data, Hashes for the analyzed package, Listing broadcast receivers and many more. Get source detail here and analyze you app.

Well, These are few app analysis tools which can make your app more interactive and user-oriented. It would be great if you contact to a professional android/iOS developers for alluring app development. Kindly, share in a comment box about more analysis tools and stay connected for more technology news.


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