The Six Best Apps for Couples in Canada and the USA


Nov. 18

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The Six Best Apps for Couples in Canada and the USA

With hundreds of thousands of mobile applications available on the app store, it comes as no surprise that there are couple-themed ones as well. If you’re the type of couple who spends too much time on social media apps or games like Candy Crush, then adding in a little more connection and a little more spark, maybe what your relationship is missing out on. Let’s dive right into six of the best couple-themed apps that help both Canadian and United States couples amp up romantic evenings with fresh ideas, communicate more clearly, and even fix fights.


  1. Raft – Making Spending Time Together Easy.

    When it comes to planning around two different schedules that are chaotic, messy, and full, it can be difficult, to say the least. But what makes it worse is when one partner has a bad memory and can’t remember plans, you have kids that need to be places, or one partner has a crazy schedule and the other doesn’t. With Raft, figuring out date night doesn’t have to be difficult as it creates color-coded calendars for couples and families. Available on the IOS app store.

  2. Kindu – Empowering Intimacy.

    Whether you are looking to amp up your sex life, try out some new romantic ideas, or even surprise your partner for your anniversary or their birthday, Kindu can help spur on and open up the communication lines. This app is all about exploring desires, inspiring intimacy, and creating new connections with your partner. Available on IOS and Android app stores.

  3. Fix a Fight – Solving Arguments and Healing Wounds.

    Ugly fights are a detriment to relationships as they break the bond you share with your significant other and drain away the feelings of safety, love, and support. Fix a Fight looks to restore your relationship by finding leaks and making repairs to relationship wounds by identifying the feelings being exhibited. The app provides an individualized report about the repair work in progress and helps you see how you can respond to your partner after a fight. Available on the IOS app store.

  4. Honeydue – A Personal Finance App for Couples.

    This app is perfect for couples who don’t want to create complicated spreadsheets or use pen and paper tallies. Keep track of bills, balances, and budgets all the while having meaningful conversations about spending limits, and habits. Comes with multi-factor authentication options, the ability to divvy up expenses and even send you reminders. Available on the IOS app store.

  5. Venmo – A Money Transfer App.

    For the couples that like to keep their finances separate, including their bank accounts, Venmo makes it incredibly easy to pay each other back for items like mortgage payments, rent, groceries, and utilities. The application keeps tracks of all of your payments, so you no longer have to worry about looking through the transaction history to re-confirm that you’ve already paid. Plus, it’s a lot less awkward to ask for your spouse to Venmo you the money than asking them flat out for it.

  6. Pathshare – A Location App for Couples.

    If knowing where your partner is during the day is of priority, Pathshare can provide their exact location via their phone’s GPS. Beyond providing you a map with a pinpoint, it will also give you their scheduled time of arrival. You can set a session duration though, so that you can stop others from seeing your location at all times, for privacy sake.

All in all, if you are looking to step your relationship up, the above six mobile applications are some of the best currently available on the market. From scheduling and financial apps to romance and intimacy, becoming more connected with your partner has never been easier.


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