The Periodic Table of Wearable Technology!


Jun. 15

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Wearable innovation is picking up the spotlight in the present year and yes, will be a focal point of each business soon. Businesses are attempting to accommodate the wearable technology in their organization but the skeptical minds of the executive really need to check on the capabilities of the wearable technologies and know what value it can add to their business. The wearable application development is taking twists and turns before it can stand tall in the world.


APX labs have come out with this wise and savvy periodic table that I would call new wine in the old bottle! The periodic table consolidates the fundamentals of wearables to outline what an executive need to know before conveying these devices to their workforce.

Each item in a colour-coded group is identified with each other in one or other critical manner. This vivid colourful info graphics without a doubt is nostalgic where you can see value-prop and underlying technologies instead of instead of the chemical periodic table.

The wearable technology table is segmented into a coloured major group where each group represents a critical arrangement.

Pink group Hardware Series (second row from the bottom):

Is the series of the available devices- smart glasses, smartwatches, and some of the peripherals – that in association with the other Industry Series elements, serves to get the things gone in business. Organizations need to discover the devices that are applicable to their utilization and put to its perfect utilization.

The base line represents the Industry series that can utilize the various wearable techs, like Automotive, Aerospace, Telecom and more. These components frame the premise of the business sector and are the main thrust in the utilization of the wearable innovation. Wearables have an effect on a wide range of organizations.

The Communication Series (in red):

Represents the various high-level concepts that enable real-time collaboration. This includes the ability to access expert help in real-time through video collaboration, audio calling, screen capture and more.

Document and Share Series (in orange):

Allows you to interact with key media. These features include video and audio capture, high-resolution image capture, time-lapse images and barcode and QR code scanning.

Wearables in a business must correspond and fit with the current ecosystem of applications and advancements, working in tandem with them. The approach towards the knowledge system of the wearable devices is depicted in the Platform group.

The Data feed Series (green):

Incorporates components with the capacity to give continuous graphing and advancement bars, imagine markers and compute separations, temperature, work with bearing instruments and more. This is to do with the augmentation of the internet to the workforce so one can associate with element information and sensor output.

Work and Help Series (purple):

This speaks of the components that end-users need to accomplish their job effectively. This includes individual work necessities such as work streams, the ability to capture and views help videos, and finish the task as per the schedule. This is surely a value addition in the business as per the business leaders.

Dashboard and Collaboration and the Alert and Message (sky blue):

This permits individuals in the workforce to collaborate rapidly with others without heading off to a terminal. Interfacing with teams, system alerts, IoT-based triggers, and the backend reporting is represented through this element.

Many of the component requirements that let businesses take advantage of the bridge between the physical and digital worlds are featured in the Navigation Series.

The wearable technology is making its mark in the lives of the people and gradually changing the world making the work simple. It’s sure to get its deserved place in the organizations too, where it is venturing steadily. The businesses can apply this technology to get the best of the workforce and make interaction simpler. Wearable technology is quintessential to create a fully connected robust enterprise and the sight of wearable technology rolling out striking improvements in the enterprises is not too far.


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