Technology adoption in mainstream healthcare- So close yet so far


Aug. 19

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According to a recent survey, AI powers 59% of clinical decision support in healthcare. It supports 42% in disease management as well. The future of healthcare is looking bright with the use of technology like AI, VR, and AR. Even robotic surgeries are now getting common with the RPA process in healthcare.

Technology has always made life easy for people. Technology not only aids but also improves our life through different functions. In healthcare, technology can transform unsustainable healthcare systems to sustainable systems. Adoption of technology in the mainstream health sector can help to provide effective solutions for diseases like Cancer and AIDS.

The role of technology in diagnosis

Technology like AI can help in the diagnosis of various diseases making it an easier task. It can diagnose the strokes that are caused by the blockages in the large blood vessels saving the brain cells.

It can help to diagnose heart diseases through the interpretation of the echocardiogram. It can help to diagnose skin cancer with a high level of accuracy as compared to dermatologists.

Mainstream technology adoption through:

  • Virtual reality

    With the huge increase of VR in the healthcare sector, there has been a change in treatments and training as well. From training the doctors to developing life-saving techniques, virtual reality is helping in each possible way. It is used in medical training to access and view areas so that doctors can go deep into the subject.
    The 360-degree reconstruction in training can also help to replicate the common surgical process. It is being used to treat patients through robotic surgeries that have zero percent error. It’s providing solutions to mental health problems that are benefiting patients globally. It also helps in pain management and marketing.

  • Healthcare trackers and sensors

    This is widely used and easy to adopt as well. Patients can manage health, weight, stress and cognitive capabilities with the help of sensors and trackers. Healthcare trackers are good for people who are on a diet and need to manage their calories on a daily basis.
    It also helps people who need to lose weight. Calorie trackers can be used for regular running as well. It helps to show you your calories burned and keeps your weight in check.

    Health care trackers provide good accuracy so you can rely on them. You can also customize your options in trackers and sensors that are available.

  • Augmented reality in healthcare

    Augmented reality in healthcare is changing the way a patient is treated. It integrates with applications that include surgical visualization and vein visualization. AR applications give the trainers and learners ability to interact and visualize with 3D dimensions. It allows new interns and professionals to understand the whole surgical process and the way medicines work.

    Augmented reality can give a three-dimensional presentation of the patients’ whole anatomy that helps a surgeon to perform a surgery. It improves accuracy and outcomes for the patients as well. Augmented reality with its features is making way for new techniques’ that is helping the professionals and patients globally.

  • Artificial intelligence

    AI adoption in healthcare has made a major impact over the years. The adoption of AI in healthcare in 2018 for clinical decision support was 59%. For popular health control, it was 46%. For disease management, it was 42%. For medical costs and health plan, it was 38%.
    For patient safety and quality, the adoption rate was 33%. For supply chain management, it was 21%. For cancer care, it was about 12%.
    With the future adoption of AI technology in healthcare, it is expected that it could detect cancer, heart diseases, and strokes. AI technology in healthcare will be more widespread in the coming future.

  • Nanomedicine

    Have you heard about nanomedicine? Well, it is not relatively new to healthcare but its adoption is increasing by the day. It controls individual molecules and atoms at an extremely nanoscale. Nanomedicine is used to prevent, treat and diagnose various diseases.
    Nanomedicine uses nanoparticles that help to improve the action of medicines in treatment. If you compare it with conventional medicines, it’s better at targeting and delivering systems.
    It can also make a difference in curing complex diseases like cancer. According to a recent survey, the global nanomedicine market in healthcare will grow by 350 billion dollars by 2025.

  • Robot-assisted surgery

    Robotic surgeries have become common and it provides 100% precision as well. It helps the doctors to perform complex surgeries that might not be possible to perform otherwise. Robotic surgery enhances the control, provides flexibility and gives precise results.
    There is no major complication of robotic surgery and there is a lesser chance of developing an infection after the surgical procedure. It results in fewer scars as it is an invasive way so it’s a safer option as compared to surgical procedure.
    If the adoption of robotic-assisted surgical procedure is successful, the results will be great. This is a boon to the health care sector.

The overall impact: Close but far

It is true that innovations and adoptions in technology are gaining momentum in the healthcare sector. But some implications are making way as well. Advancement in medical technology leads to higher cost of surgery. If a normal surgical process costs less, then the robotic process will cost more.

The additional burden of costs can affect patients so they will opt out of the surgical process. There has to be a middle route for costs to be managed by professionals so the patients can afford the treatment. Use of technology can be life-saving but at times it can have a negative effect on some surgical processes.

There has to be a focus on maintaining a safety culture with the use of technologies like AR, VR and AI in healthcare. A proactive approach has to be developed to access the patient’s overall safety.

With proper planning, implementation, evaluation, and safety, adoption of technology in healthcare will give great results and helps in boosting up your business. Being a leading Mobile App Development Company, Let’s Nurture has a strong portfolio in the development of health and fitness app for Android and iOS. We have successfully managed the Projects for health and fitness app development for both the platforms and provide our clients with a beautiful, scalable and robust solution for their business.

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