The Tale of Frameworks – AngularJS vs Node.js


Dec. 17

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In the realm of JavaScript, the world of coding is only heating up, getting better each day. This is because Java not only facilitate interactivity but also immersive and full featured application. The most popular javscript frameworks which have made lives of programmers easier are NodeJS and AngularJS. These java script frameworks are essentially different from each other and intend to offer more diversity and choice to developers.

The basics of .JS

Let’s talk about some broader differences of NodeJS and AngularJS before we lodge into their specifications:


An open-source front end web application framework, mained by Google, seeking to address many challenges encountered in developing single-page application. Sprint, ABC and Intel are some of the companies that uses AngularJS on their websites.


It’s not JavaScript framework, though new modules can be added to it along with JavaScript and many of its basic modules are initially written in JavaScript. Node.js is primarily employed for developing a diverse variety of server tools and applications. Yahoo, IBM and Microsoft uses Node.js software.

Now, that we know bit of AngularJS and Node.js, let’s dig into each of these on individual level.

Both JS Frameworks in details


  • AngularJS is an open source front-end framework designed to create single page applications (SPAs) which consist of a single HTML page with CSS and JavaScript
  • AngularJS provides a possibility to build graphical user interfaces (GUI) for interactive/dynamic websites and web programs.
  • The keynote of Angular is that instead of writing the entire code, the developer adheres to certain rules in writing of the code. These rules are the standards and tools of the chosen framework.


  • Node.js is a server implementation of the JavaScript programming language designed to create scalable, distributed network applications such as a web server.
  • Unlike most JavaScript programs, Node.js framework does not run in the client browser, but on the server side.
  • Node.js gives JavaScript the ability to interact with I/O devices through its API, connect other external libraries written in different languages, providing calls to them from the JavaScript code.

Final verdict

Now, Let’s set things straight. There’s no one better tool to use than any other, at least not empirically, and certainly not when it comes down to these two JavaScript frameworks. Angular and Node are both open-source tools. AngularJS is mostly used to build client-side web applications while Noje.js is suitable to build server-side applications. The combination of both – Node.js and AngularJS creates isomorphic web applications. If you go far and use MondoDB as data store, it can build entire infrastructure using JavaScript favoured tools.

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