Survival of the Fittest is now the Survival of the Agilest

Survival of the Fittest is now the Survival of the Agilest

26 Dec. 19

A joint study by Forbes magazine and Scrum Alliance has found that Agile practices are gaining a lot more popularity among SME businesses and across sizes that and include startups, large companies with cross-functional teams, and numerous more that fall in between. This would drive faster marketing in less time and fewer efforts, accelerate innovations and better workplaces.

What is Agile methodology

Agile methodology is the practice that encourages repeated iterations of development and testing throughout the software development life cycle of the project. Any Agile development project involves continuous planning, simultaneous testing, consecutive integration, and other forms of steady development of both the project and the application resulting from the Agile framework. Both development and testing activities are carried out simultaneously.

The Four Fundamentals of Agile Practice

  • Individual and team involvement over Processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over Contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over Following a plan

Defining what Survival of the Agilest means

It is high on demand to move from an old working process to a new working process for more productivity and efficiency. Automating manual repetitive tasks saves time and money. We continue to see a massive transformation and evolution in the technologies: starting from Desktops to laptops and now Smartphones and tablets are ruling the market since they are User-friendly and convenient to use, hence widely used by a large population. We see some of the similar scenario and evolution in the software industry as well. Software industries have adopted better ways of working. Traditional methods of software development are now replaced by Agile methodologies.

Traditional methodologies and drawbacks

Traditional software development methods are based on pre-planned stages of the software development lifecycle. The development flows from requirement gathering to designing and then to the development and lastly to testing and maintenance. In such approaches, each stage has specific deliverables and documentation.

Traditional approaches are suited when requirements are well understood as most of the time, these steps are irreversible and fail in bigger and time-consuming projects.

Replacing Traditional Methods with Agile Processes

Traditional methods of Software development lifecycle were limited to a fixed scope and welcomed no changes. Agile practices ensure the opportunity to change the requirements at any time during the development cycle and allows continuous implementation at regular intervals, keeping in mind that deliverables cannot be changed abruptly, at a moment’s notice.

Agile processes assure both Customer satisfaction and steady scrum wise development. Customers require easy and early delivery with the flexibility of accepting changes. Agile helps achieve the goal effectively with high scale productivity.Darwin’s statement of Survival of the fittest holds true in the IT industry too.
Adopting new things and evolving with the changes is required for surviving long in the industry.

Let’s Nurture follows Agile practices to deliver maximum productive and effective solutions to its clients globally. The company runs agile practices in a scrum framework which further ensures greater usability, higher productivity and quality, greater flexibility to changes with low risk and minimal budget, thus making complex projects run and complete smoothly.

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