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Dec. 16

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In this emerging world of technology, Google Play housed 2.2 million apps and Apple store housed 2 million apps. The number of apps and available choices for users is increasing each second and it is making even more challenging for app marketers and developers. To make sure your app launched gets discovered and gains popularity, it is essential to get out of the mindset of a Developer and think like a Marketer.

With over a million apps to compete with, having a strategy for launch is key to your application’s success. In continuation to previous posts about app launch strategies, here are some of the tips for a successful application launch, that is backed by advice from our notable marketing practitioners.


Deep Linking bridges a gap between mobile apps and the web. It is vital for app publishers where the content is more and is both shareable and searchable. Deep Link can send the user directly from the web search to the corresponding content in the app. In case the user is not having the app in the device yet, they can be prompted to install it. This allows the app publishers to leverage the web to get downloads, instead to rely on the mechanism within the App stores.

Optimized push notifications

Optimizing push notifications in a personalized, respectful manner is a key for success in marketing. It actually helps to grow your app business and reduces your churn rate, if it is used cleverly and thoughtfully. Estimates shows that push notifications messages have an immersing 92% higher mobile app retention rate. And thus, it is used in increasing brand engagements and promoting offers in order to increase sales. Plan for a strategy that navigates a thin line between dormancy and a phone that’s constantly buzzing.

Pre-plan analytics from Design stage itself

Prior to any marketing, pre-planning analytics criteria ensures that you have a right brand. Pre-marketing helps to send a clear message about your identity, your target audience, and their requirements. And getting this is vitally important, to quantify the success of an app. There are numerous free analytics tools. All you need is to find out the best ones that are applicable for your app content and plan accordingly.

Soft/Beta launch to iron out Bugs/process flow bottlenecks

Beta launches helps to work out last minute issues in weeks that is leading up to its anticipated launch. It lets you get feedback from your trusted network so that you can fix bugs and UX/UI problems before you are rolling an app out full scale and this helps to score a few marketing points from early adopters. For many apps, beta is first-time individuals outside of the developers that let in and first opportunity for real-world validation.

Create Social Media Buzz Linked Back to the App Store

Creating your presence on social network portals helps to promote your videos, blogs, reviews of third parties and much more. Create a portal that targets right back to the landing site on the app store for your application. The content for social media and the blogs must lead users directly back to the app. However, there are some impactful tactics which one can use to enhance the app rankings further. For example, building the android and iOS version.

Beyond Launch

Any big moment for an app appears in the app stores. And in fact, mobile app marketing is long series of these big moments. By following these steps, you’re off to a running start. You have completed the heavy lifting for next six months, but the work is still far from being done. You can continue these processes to build a momentum for what you’ve generated thus far.

As you navigate these processes, we encourage you to check out our website where we have free guides and case studies for all your needs from conceptualization to the product management. Even better, you can Get a quote from our experts.


Ketan Raval
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