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Oct. 16

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As a travel lover you must have explored several world places. In fact traveling with family or like minded people is always an exhilarating experience. You get to explore different world places, experience their work and culture, cuisines, religious sentiments, monuments and places of interest.  Stay organized before every travel help you in considerable ways.

Need to Get Things Organized Before Actual Travel

Let’s say you plan out a trip to London with a few close friends of yours. Now imagine a scene when you are not organizing your trip ?

  • You try to book a flight ticket in the last few days to end up paying far more than usual.
  • After reaching the travel destination you may not get the kind of accommodation you may be looking for even if you are ready to pay premium price.
  • If you have not done enough research on climatic condition you and your friend may have to stay put with the freezing winter or heavy downpour when you leave the airport.
  • Since you have not pre planned your trip, after reaching the destination you may find it difficult to prioritize your time.
  • When the flight lands at odd hour in the middle of the night,  you may end up paying far more for hotel room accommodation.
  • If you are vegan or promise to stick to a vegetarian diet, you wouldn’t just pick any random accommodation unless there are veg restaurants in proximity.

Looking at the overall scenario when the trip is unplanned, you often tend to spend far more than your set aside budget. It is also likely that you may not get rooms or services as per your expectation. Plunging for an unplanned trip particularly when you are with kids or elderly relatives is a strict no-no.

Plan Your Travel And Leave The Rest To Time

When you plan your travel well in advance in all likelihood you happen to spend less. Organized travel also lets you visualize your entire travel trip giving you a rough estimate on amount you would spend, things that you need to carry, logistics you would employ, and the way in which you will prioritize your time.

Factorize Your Travel Trip Through Travel Apps

Mobile application developers and technological partners now offer Travel Apps which assist you in getting clarity at the overall trip picture. It lets you select your trip by letting you choose the source and the destination station. Depending on the trip chosen, travel apps lets you plan your entire travel trip beforehand.

  • It shows you convenient flight that you can take with approximate fare.
  • Create a customized itinerary for your entire trip on the basis of questionnaire.
  • Lets you choose and book hotel rooms of your liking for total period of your stay.
  • Shows you an option to book transport for airport pickup and for overall sightseeing.
  • Provides you with travel checklist and things you need to carry by forecasting weather condition of the travel destination.
  • Lets you factorize your entire travel trip into subset of every day plan.
  • App reminds you about your day schedule through periodic notification of the stored notes.
  • Enables you with map guide to show you the route. Also to get an estimate on time you would spend traveling from airport to hotel room and between any two sightseeing spots.

Some Other Cool Facilities Offered by Travel Apps

Most travel apps assist you in  finding places of your interest by enabling you to select and customize your trip. You can make everyday plans and store notes.

By furnishing a GPS enabled map guides they clearly indicate spots already viewed(by placing a small red cross mark). And refreshes the map to show you spots yet to be visited, spot tidbits and the shortest possible route to reach them.

Some travel apps also feature important emergency contact details of the traveling destination. For the first time travelers, they also give rough budget estimate for the entire travel trip.

Final Take

To keep it simple, travelling apps are B2C offering that strives to organize and plan your travel in advance. They offer you with needed travel checklist and also allow you to factorize your entire travel trip. Organizing travel beforehand will prove out to be a huge cost saving for you and other fellow travelers.

At LetsNurture we offer to develop Travel Apps with several loaded features to let you provide your client’s trip affordable and pleasant. Our travel apps  offer features to organize travel trip, book accommodation, arrange transport and provide travel checklist. Visit our website or email us to to know more about our offerings.


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